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Thread: 24.06 Interview with Township Senior Project Manager!

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    Love the game. Very creative indeed... especially the zoo.

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    This idea might work but maybe the portals could be to counties instead. The towns would become uneventful without the shops and factories.
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    I do look forward to interesting new additions; however, I agree with Gray Lady. The design team needs to first conquer the limited land space. I will also add to that the need to separate building materials/tools from our barn inventory count. Since we are unable to exchange these items, we often wait extensive lengths of time to accumulate our current requirements. Selling these uncontrolled items can be a further set-back. Barns are, therefore, overflowing and limiting game play.

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    Hello Oksana,
    Thank you for sharing your job with us. Since you have a big smile in all your pics I will venture to say you enjoy it very much. Your interview has given me a different look at the game...... I am an operation person at heart. Keep up the great work. You must be a valued employee. Give your crew a pat on the back too.

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    I love this game. I love how every one does his own thing. It all seems so real! You people must be working realy hard and we appreciate it. Just one question: every time township gets an upgrade I loose my tcash. If this is the way you do it ill except it. If not could you perhaps see whats going wrong? I play on my android phone. Thanks for Township!

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    I agree with this thread about more factories & CBs. They don't interest me. And I do not understand why building materials cannot be stored separately, the way we do with nuggets in the mine. Also, I would like to see decorations for Hanukkah. If we have Christmas, Easter & Chinese New Year, etc. Why not Hanukkah? Jewish is not just a "religion" it is also an ethnicity. So why can't we make dreydels in toys And latkes at one of the restaurants? And please, no more Egyptian stuff during Passover. Pharoah was the bad guy in the Passover story, he was a slave owner and oppressor of my Jewish ancestors. I found that season's timing downright insulting. We could, however, grow horseradish and make Matzoh for Passover. Inclusiveness is possible without getting too "religious."

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    I think that one item that I don't see talked about much is a count down timer is needed for the overall time left for dealer other than the time of the current deal. Right mow the ONLY way to find out is just before you make a deal with the dealer. Since sometimes there is days involved in the contract that I have with the dealer, it would be nice to find out how much time I have left on the overall contact. Can this be added please? 👌
    I would also like to see the dealer and the add a box be static or stationary and nor scrolled add is currently done. If they stayed in place at the left (there is room there), you would be more enticing to people to buy the boxes, which is what you want. It's an idea!?!

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    I love this game on level 94 so looking forward to CB and factories, I differ from some of the other opinions I think adding new CBS and factories keeps the game interesting, agree we would need more extensions, but please can you make the new buildings less expensive at the moment they are an eye watering amount. Thanks for all your hard word Playrix

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    I don’t think she even read our questions. All the questions and answers seem pat and only talk about what they want to talk about. I don’t really care about how great her job is or how difficult it is to manage a multi million dollar company.

    I want to hear some real questions answered!

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    I'm VERY excited to hear that there will be more FACTORIES and CBS added 😁....But I WISH the REGATTA RACES were not LIMITED TO 13 🤔.....Is there ANY CHANCE the # of task may be increased😉? !!!

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