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Thread: 24.06 Interview with Township Senior Project Manager!

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    24.06 Interview with Township Senior Project Manager!

    Hey, Townshippers! 🌈💥

    An asTOWNishing interview with our Senior Project Manager Oksana Dielieu is already here! Read on! Exciting spoilers are included! 🎉😮

    Interviewer: What does a Senior Project Manager do? How do you become one?

    Oksana: SPMs are responsible for organizing a team's workflow and managing all of the various processes in game development. Pinpointing specific tasks of the project manager in general is hard. Probably the most important thing is to be aware of the best way to help the project and the team develop. Knowing what to do mainly comes from experience.

    I.: What are the challenges you deal with on a daily basis? What motivates and inspires you?

    O.: We have a large team of more than 50 people. And that's just the development team! It’s very important for all 50 people to be on the same page. A significant part of my workday is dedicated to making sure the team is working efficiently. Making the game better is what drives us, and nothing inspires us more than seeing our players happy!

    I.: Was the game as popular when you joined the team as it is now?

    O.: Yes, I was lucky to join the team when the game was already a hit. I like to joke that I showed up after all the hard work had already been done

    I.: What level are you at in the game? What is the fastest and best way to get ahead in the game?

    O.: My town is at level 54. Actually, all the different ways of developing your town are good. Taking part in regattas is my personal favorite — it’s an opportunity to compete and develop your town at the same time.

    I.: Where do new ideas for the game come from? How long does it take to see them in the game?

    O.: We have a large and awesome team of creative specialists, and each of them brings a unique perspective to the game. Usually, someone suggests an idea, and then it gets developed by the whole team down the line. Basically, the amount of time it takes to go from development to implementation depends on the idea’s complexity and the priorities of the development team at the time.

    I.: Why is it necessary to limit the number of in-game friends in Township?

    O.: Because of technical limitations, we had to introduce a cap on the number of friends possible.

    I.: Are there any plans to add more social features similar to co-ops, regattas, and events?

    O.: Yes, we have quite a few interesting ideas, and some of them are scheduled to come out as early as this year! Stay tuned to be among the first to try them out!

    I.: Do you think that one day players on all platforms will be able to use the same version of the game and play together?

    O.: We’re now working on a bringing the Mac and Windows versions closer in line with the iOS and Android ones. It’s difficult to estimate the time frame because there are considerable technical difficulties.

    I.: How are you planning to keep your long-term players interested in the game? Are you planning to introduce new buildings or factories?

    O.: We have several major features currently in the works that we'll be announcing soon. We keep adding new factories for higher levels, and we’re planning on adding a couple of new community buildings as well.

    I.: Are you planning to add new, more modern-looking decorations to the game?

    O.: Before adding new decorations, we always make sure that they match the town’s overall look. That way, players can combine various buildings or even build town blocks based on different themes! We'll keep adding new decorations, and we'll try to include something more modern for you as well.

    I.: Why are some events repeated in the game?

    O.: We analyze how players respond to events very carefully and relaunch the most popular ones, taking the most common feedback and requests into account. Most of our players are excited to see their favorite events back in the game.

    I.: Can you describe how new characters are added?

    O.: We have special game designers on our team who work on new character concepts. They try to come up with fun and interesting characters who are somehow different from the ones already in the game. After the concept is approved, they add more detail to the character and think through his or her lines, while our artists use the concept to draw the character. And after all of that, the character is animated and added to the game.

    I.: Should we get ready for more Township residents?

    O.: Absolutely! Expect to see the newest town resident this summer. Spoiler alert! It’s going to be a girl!

    I.: Which Township character resembles you the most in your opinion?

    O.: That’s a hard question. I don't know I can say that I would like to be more like Deborah, the Co-op Center Director. I really admire her!

    I.: What’s your favorite aspect of the game?

    O.: I love that the town is so vibrant and that it's actually quite realistic! I like the townspeople most of all. They are all caught up in their own lives. It’s fun to just watch them.

    I.: Can you name one game feature you personally would love to add but that’s not possible?

    O.: It would be great if the game could be played offline. But, unfortunately, it’s not possible for technical reasons.

    I.: How important is player feedback for the development of the game?

    O.: It’s crucial! Feedback plays a key role for us especially when we're working on new in-game features, but it's also important for the decision-making process in general. We carefully read through all the requests we get. It’s important to keep in mind that we have a huge community of players, and quite often their opinions are at odds. It’s not easy to please everyone, but we definitely try our best.

    I.: If you could give one piece of advice to the players, what would it be?

    O.: I would encourage everyone to be polite to each other. Township has a special atmosphere — we’re all friends and family here. It’s so important to show respect to one another. That’s the one way to truly enjoy the game!

    Share your impressions on Oksana’s answers below, guys! Who else would you like us to interview from the Township Team? 👇👀📢
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    Very interesting. The interview “spoilers” do, however, generate additional questions.

    A few new community buildings? Won’t that increase population cap? If so, additional population would lead to additional housing?

    Introducing more factories and/or community buildings (and maybe housing) along with a continuous influx of new decorations means need for more land expansions, which are already stretched pretty thin. How would this be overcome?

    Some of these new features appear (from the interview) to be scheduled for THIS year. Interesting as we have just come to the halfway mark in this year. So, if these come to fruition, a very interesting next 6 months?

    Again, thanks for sharing - but many questions raised about implementation of future developments.
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    New factories and building sounds interesting, better start saving those coins I guess
    just hope new stuff won’t affect the system requirements, and also I really hope they
    have some plans for the zoo..

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    Really don't like the sound of more factories & community buildings, they don't add much newness to the game.

    Would have been more excited to hear there was going to be more added to the zoo , or a new area altogether.

    My heart sunk reading factories & community buildings to me it's not very rewarding CBs do nothing & factories cost a fortune & i have already decided the last ones aren t necessary for me at this time.

    As for adding them for your loyal higher level players , I'm sure something with a longer term interest to work towards would be more appreciated rather than regurgitating more factories & CBs.

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    Thanks for the nice interview, but I agree with Downton, really and totally. CBs and factories, more of the same... if I see such suggestions for producing just more stuff in the Wish List forum, I am always inclined to ask "What for...?". Nothing new or at least different; disappointing, sorry.
    Have a look at the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list?

    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Really don't like the sound of more factories & community buildings, they don't add much newness to the game.

    Would have been more excited to hear there was going to be more added to the zoo , or a new area altogether.

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    Oh no! With limited spare space in town and in zoo, more CB, more housing, or more enclosures just make things worse!

    But if the dev. can create several "portal" like area, such as click the zoo entrance we enter the zoo, click the entrance of "factory mall" we enter the factory world (where we can put all the factories), click the entrance of "shopping mall" we enter the shopping world (where we can put all the shops), click the entrance of the "amusement park" we enter the park that we can put all theme park stuff and entertainment stuff there, and click the entrance of the "residential area" you enter the housing enclosure...... Then adding factories and CB and housing make sense. Otherwise, it will just getting township crowded and less room for us to maneuver.......

    Hope the management and the dev. team would at least consider the shopping mall and amusement park portal, so we have more space to rearrange our town.........

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    As usual; I come up with my questions too late...

    I would love to know: how much crossover is there between TS/GS/HS/FD. Do they all have their own teams up to company ownership level, or, do say designers work on something for TS and FD at the same time? As SPM; are you solely in charge of TS stuff, or a mix of various different categories?

    I appreciate Facebook would be extremely complicated due to the sheer amount of posts and lack of way to organise anything, but the forum here is not like that. Everything is categorised and easy to find. With a team of 50 devs, would it ever be possible to have a dev pop in once every couple weeks and spend half hour answering some of the more popular threads?

    You mention new characters in TS. You have some ready-made in the form of player interview avatars. It would be awesome to log on to my town and see Nana headed off to the greenhouse, or, Amoria scurrying across the town square to the library. Not as main speaking characters, just, background. Since the team took the time and effort to come up with the characters in the first place, it seems a shame not to use them, no?

    Not sure of anyone else has mentioned it, but, more land expansions!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top! For me personally, I'm only level 67, and I don't have anywhere near all my expansions unlocked yet so it's not a pressing concern for me at this time, but, it does make me sad to people saying they had to retire other decs to make room for new ones, or, just not get the new ones. Y'all work so hard on the beautiful inclusions for our towns, and then don't provide the space needed to display them. So can we please have a bumper-drop of land expansions?

    I don't suppose these will get answered now, but, figured I'd throw them out there just in case.

    Oh also; will Tim the yachtsman be making any more videos? They're fun
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    I agree with Downton and _DD_ about there is no need more CB and factory as they don't add anything particularly new to the game. New social portal like regatta and Zoo would be much better.
    I'm with hchl about 'amusement park' park portal. That would be a place where to put loads of existing and new decos to free up the space on Mainland.

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    Hi it's very nice game in a day I'll play almost 10hrs

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    Hola me facina este juego ya llevo algún tiempo y me encanta

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