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Thread: Vouchers

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    By now everyone should know I don't like the vouchers. I have 1 more issue with them. When you go to the store to buy a fish, the number of bronze, silver, and gold vouchers that you've won isn't shown. It makes it difficult to know which fish you have enough of the right color vouchers to purchase. There are so many different combinations.

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    I don't quite understand why there are 3 different kinds of vouchers in the first place. Ok, vouchers were introduced, I'm not a big fan but wouldn't just one kind of voucher do the job? And what was supposed to be achieved?

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    Hate vouchers but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. But why make it so so easy to get bronze n rarely get the silver one. Especially whwn you need to buy fish, you guys are making it way to hard to get silver. Why the vouchers in the first place is weird.

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    Hi there! Vouchers are the special in-game currency to purchase unique fish, and you can always look up some info about it here

    We're also very sorry to hear that you're not quite enjoying this feature Our devs will absolutely take your feedback into consideration

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    I think the multiple vouches are not helpful one would sufficient . You can buy diamonds why not vouchers.? I want to add more unique fish but waiting to earn them is hard and takes longer

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    I like this idea, Hmroszak. I've been eyeing a couple of voucher fish and they're so out of reach, lol. I am still not quite sure how you earn each type of voucher. I have a considerable collection of bronze, but the silver and gold are more elusive.

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    I don’t have a preference for them, I use them when I can and ignore them when I cannot.
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    Today I beat 20 levels (more than half on my first try) and out of all the vouchers I received only 1 was gold! I dont think that is fair at all! At this rate I will never be able to buy the unique fish I want. Why not give a gold voucher for all super hard levels, a silver for all hard levels, a bronze for regular levels, and bonus vouchers for consecutive first try wins. This way we could all eventually earn enough for the unique items we want.

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    I also think when you win on a first try, you should get a silver, and then if you win on the first try on the next game, maybe a gold. I was on a run once, and had about 10 first try wins. I did get 1 gold voucher. It really doesn’t seem to make sense. Even in the aquatasks they are rarely - if ever - given out.

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    I guess I started this thread way back in June. Fishdom has actually done what I suggested. The amounts of your vouchers are now shown on the page where you buy the unique fish. So much easier. I agree with the other comments made, especially ways of earning more gold vouchers.

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