Ok. Let’s go:
1. The couple dance does not belong to this area;
2. This globe with an arrow too, doesn’t not belong to this area;
3. Swan topiaries is not a viable option for this area;
4. These curling topiaries by the stairs to the other area are not an option;
5. Those swan topiaries at the left side are not a viable option (personally I prefer the turtle ones ☺️);
6. This ground is not an option!;
7. The flowers by the fountain are not pink, it’s more to red;
8. These lamps around the fountain are not an option on the blue color;
9. The two top bench are ok, but the other two are not a viable option;
10. At last, the top corner bushes are a bit short. The round bush “tower” almost reaches the other area.

Hope it’s all correct! Good luck for everyone! 😘