If I play the game for several hours, which is pretty easy to do - and go through 15 or more levels - it starts showing classic signs of memory leak. Programmers will know what I'm talking about. This game uses a lot of bandwidth - I found that out by playing it one night over my cellular hot spot when my regular connection was down for a couple hours, and all of a sudden I get a text on my phone that I've used up 90% of my data bandwidth. I could watch 10 streamed movies and not burn that much!

Anyway, what's probably happening is as you play more levels, it's not freeing up all of the memory or browser cache and the symptom is that black holes appear in the screen, or Austin's word balloons come up but they're empty. At this point best thing to do is log off and log back on, after closing and restarting the browser. I haven't lost anything yet, and if I'm paying attention I'll just log off and restart every 10 levels or so. I don't know what language the game uses but there is a lot of animation and lots of opportunity for memory to be forgotten and at some point it runs out.

I have a rather modest Windows 8 PC that I play on and I use Firefox Quantum 57.0 - I realize this may be a browser-dependent problem, but I'm not going to update my browser or my OS at this point. Firefox made some changes after 57 that are really annoying... like making it pretty much impossible to get rid of tabs. This Win8 box has been fine tuned the way I want it. So nothing going to change, but thought I'd mention this memory problem which may not occur in other versions of Windows, or other browsers. And if your PC has a lot more memory than mine, you might be able to play for many more levels before encountering the problem. Mine has 4 gigs... it's one of 10 computers and it does what I need it to do, not a gaming or development screamer.

I have really enjoyed Gardenscapes. I've been playing Jewel Quest 2 for what seems like years and was looking for something different. Jewel Quest 3 gets to a point where you can't get past it but at least the attempts are free. I am at level 264 on Gardenscapes and I've been playing it about two months. It's a cute game... the little dog was the hook that got me to try it and then I found out I don't even get the dog until I've played it quite a few levels. But now I have the dog... and he does cute tricks but I don't know if there is any way to get him to do tricks at random. Clicking the dog doesn't seem to do anything when the game is in hold mode. I'm going to have to quit at some point because I can't really afford to pay for all the coins and power ups I'll need to go much further. But it is a cute game. It took a while to discover things like what I call the "Buzzsaw" when you put two of the power-up "DVD" looking things together and it will clear the whole board. Great for clearing gnomes, less powerful on the boulders or popping fireflies. I only encountered the butterflies in the last couple of days, and I am still not sure exactly what makes them move consistently. I also just got the lawnmowers, and not sure what triggers them. Matching their color doesn't do anything, then I'll do something unrelated nearby and zoom, away it goes.

Anyway cute, fun game but I'm probably going to have to quit around level 300. Perhaps it will patiently wait for me to come back when I can buy some more powerups and coins, whenever that is.