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Thread: Updates going from bad to worse!

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    Updates going from bad to worse!

    I have been playing this game for a couple of years now, but dread the new updates as I find the majority of changes make the game worse not better. I detest the penguin and the ray, finding their near constant presence infuriating as they prevent you from reorganising your aquarium by getting in the way and preventing the movement of decorations. I am not remotely interested in the leagues and wish it was possible to either opt in or out of these. If this were possible, I could play on free from annoyance whilst those that actually appreciate the little characters could continue to enjoy them. I have managed to tolerate penguin & co. up to now, but since they have been joined by a collection of ridiculous fish in fancy dress, this game is fast losing its appeal for me. I am so sad about this as I really loved the game as it was with fish that actually looked like fish!

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    I agree with everything you said. I do play the leagues, but as you said, the penguin and ray are always in the way. I wish that they could be dragged to another area with a finger.

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    Hello there! We thank you for the feedback, although we're so sorry that it isn't a positive one If you have any other thoughts, feel free to share them with us anytime!

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    Having trouble with newest update.. Never had an issue like this. Just updated 15 hrs ago and made sure android was updated.. Still when i tried to go to friends aquariums to feed fish saying update needed??? Dont have any idea whats wrong or how to fix it.. Been playing for months and months and now worried this will ruin game for me!

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    I agree! I had posted earlier in the discussion board that i just learned that on timed levels, the ability to pause, using the hammer and glove (used to be the more usable swap), has been diminished. (My first timed game since the upgrade.) The biggest downside is that you can’t pause during the lightning strikes, which usually use up several seconds. It is unfortunate, as the more and more people become upset with the game, the less time they’ll spend playing it. For months now, I have refused to do all the extras required to win stuff, because the incentive is no longer there. I believe they’re digging themselves into a pit that will be difficult to get out of - unless they change some of these things back. The pausing ability on timed levels was a big one for me.

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    Using the hammer to pause the timer levels

    I used to dread the timer levels and at one point thought I would quit the game because of my inability to pass them. Then I learned that the hammer could be used to pause the timer and timer levels became my favorites. Now that it no longer works I am once again thinking about whether or not it is worth the stress. A game that is stressful rather than fun is not much of a game in my book.

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    @osbornkim1121, that doesn't mean a full update again. It just means that you are about to view an aquarium that you, yourself, haven't opened yet. It's about a 5 second download and then you won't need to do it again until one of your friends opens another, higher, aquarium.
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    I agree. I'm so over this game. The fact that you get vouchers instead of boosters in the mini events sucks. I detest the vouchers. I went from playing all day to maybe once per day. I log in to get my daily reward and that's it. A real shame that what the developers think are great updates are actually an annoyance to players. C'est La Vie!

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    As I said in another thread, go out and lower your review rank (if you already put one out) or give them a lower review -UNTIL they give us back some semblance of the fun game this used to be.

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    I have done just that. 1 star and an updated review. At the time of this writing I still can't send lives unless I do it one by one and I have received only 2 lives from over 150 friends. I have reported it in game but as usual, no answer. What really ticks me off is they ask on their Facebook page for "tips and tricks". I cringe every time some ding dong gives them any information. They use that information to their advantage and then change the game so those "tricks and tips" can't be used. Example 1 of many, the timed game hammer/switch. This has been my favorite game even before Township. Used to help me relax in the evening and now I just open to get daily and maybe play one game. Plus, i am constantly waiting on new levels. They put out maybe 10-12 games on a Thursday and I'm done by Friday with only those chest games to play. Boring!

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