Hi Players. I think giving Playrix a prioritized list of requested changes might help us and them. I can collect the list this weekend. No more than 10 items. No justification needed it can all be found in our previous comments here.

If you want to comment reply to this thread. You don't need to reply with a quote. I will compile the list on Sunday evening US East Coast time.

If you want to add an item, then please suggest which item I should remove. If you want a different number 1 item, let me know; if you want to keep my suggested number 1 item let me know. The final list will be compiled by a prioritized ranking of the items that get votes to be the number 1 item.

I'll ask Playrix to let us know how likely it is for each change to be made. I will also submit the list through the help feature in my game. Hopefully Playrix will respond some other way besides "we'll pass it on to the developers" but that is up to them. Thanks for your time and take care.

1. Bring back the old swap capability, remove the new glove.
2. Ensure lives from friends are ALWAYS accessible.
3. List lives from differently, so we know the total amount of lives available, not just one life per friend shown at a time.
4. Make vouchers for new character fish easier to get. Can we buy them with coins?
5. Tanks are too cluttered! Make beauty points more realistic to get.
6. Let us see the full game for more time before we decide if we want to continue playing.
7. Don't ask me twice it I want to quit the game.
8. If we have unlimited lives show that in the decision box for "try again" (instead of the -1 regardless).
9. Include using lives from friends as an option in the "out of lives" decision box.
10. Change the US background that shows during games.