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Thread: Lives

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    I want my lives back!!! I don't need the piggy bank or the seahorses, I need my lives.

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    Have you tried disconnecting from Facebook, exiting and then reopening the game, and then reconnecting to Facebook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdgroves View Post
    I want my lives back!!! I don't need the piggy bank or the seahorses, I need my lives.
    Hi! Please send us a message from the game itself. Our agents will do their best to assist you on this matter

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    This is happening to everyone! People are losing their minds about it on the FB page!!! People from the game better pay attention or there is going to be a max exodus!!!

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    Please return my free lives!!!!!

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    Yes and now no lives are being sent. When I hit heart in left corner of days come tomorrow. This has been going on 3x days

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    Hello! We're very sorry for the trouble Guys, please shoot us a message from the game settings through the "Help and Support" button. We'll do our best to sort this out for you. Thank you!

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    For the last week when I try to send my friends lives I hit send and it does nothing. It says on my end the lives have sent but when they check it's not there. I have done a factory reset of my phone, uninstalling app, disconnecting from Facebook, installed app again and connected back to facebook and I'm still having the same problem.

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    I dont see where i can send my daily lives out to my friends. They have to ask for lives now. Why cant i just do it like we used to?

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    Auch ich habe seit Wochen Probleme mit versenden und erhalten von Leben. Ob meine Leben ankommen bezweifle ich. Beim Senden bleibst hängen. Ich bekomme keine Leben mehr von meinen Freunden.

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