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Thread: Resignation

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    Vee! Oh wow, such sad news for us - but so understand.

    Thank you dear girl for all that you have given us (and me personally).

    Your support has been amazing. Your thoughtfulness has always been full of grace.

    And you worked so hard to make this Forum easier for us to navigate. Thank you so much for that.

    You are a dear and sweet person. We will miss you, I will miss you.

    Only wishing you the best as you go forward in life with your studies and goals.

    You are one special person. You will sorely be missed.

    Thank you and hugs

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    Oh boy. You left. The forum and the game. Selfish me wishes you wouldn't. Very sad to see you go.

    But I'm sure you're flying high right now and wish you all the fun along that way!

    Can't thank you enough for all you did for us here, Vee, glad that others found some words for that.

    Don't ever look back. But oh, if you do, please stop by.

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