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Thread: Township Times 4

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    Township Times 4

    It’s time for the Times! Joy!!!

    Fill in the blank please. “If I see one more coin task, I am going to ________!” I think I will just help friends from now on. No more Helicopters!

    Well, you can say what you want about the volume and the content of the writing, but there is no denying Johnalex Zarco : a. Has a following; b. Takes your comments to heart; c. Aims to please.

    It was so sad! I went to an in-game friend’s town in the Coop where she was (Tigger’s Den) and pulled up the Coop member listing, and she was already gone! Then that same day, her game icon went blue! Vee is gone, she’s gone. We will all miss her and she did leave her mark. I hope she gets wealthy as a lawyer and has a good life don’t you?

    Oooh la la! Good things are being plotted by Playrix, even as we speak. New community buildings, factories, and townies oh my! Maybe they do something really special for the upcoming Township 5th Anniversary Celebration and serve up some of this as a part of that? Great Googledy Moogledy!!!

    Did you have a tough race this week? Our little group did with perfect scores down to 9th place. I don’t know about you, but I welcome that new interseasonal thingie dingie. A break from the grind is a good thing.

    Coolest Township Forum name of the week, drum roll please ……………………… TheBlingFairy! She appears in the “House of Luck –Not So Lucky” thread as a new member. Someone should welcome her to the Forum.

    Keep the Foundry stoked folks, that’s a wrap!

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    I’m glad I only do Regatta for decos & other goodies, but still even trying to stay in the middle of the pack in Silver League is challenging. All my 135 tasks were ingots, earn coins, and planes - over and over and over again. I think they are trying really hard to make paupers of us all.

    It is difficult to voice a complaint on the Forum about other members’ thread creating habits. Members are fearful because of the rule restrictions and so, go “underground” via private message systems and email to voice their legitimate complaints. You know me, buddy - I try to voice my suggestions civilly (not always successfully) right on the Forum - speaking for myself and for those who are afraid to.

    Yep, looking forward to the Regatta break! Also intrigued by the hints given in the recent Township interview. Maybe there is hope ahead for more exciting things in this game.

    Thanks for this issue of The Township Times.

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    If I see one more coin task I am going to......grab it with both hands cos I found out how to do them quickly

    It was a laid-back race in our gold league regatta group this week. I was cruising along with a fine lead from the beginning, until just at the end when another racer came from nowhere and pipped me at the post. The cheek of it! Lol. Ah well, I already have my Golden Sail so let the new blood have a victory. I'm like Nana and only do the regattas to get the decorations and the boosters in the yacht house, so I don't mind what league I'm in anymore. I need a break from racing, but the rewards keep tempting me back, darn it.

    Shouldnt we mention the snowboard event in The Times? It has caused major moaning elsewhere on the Forum, though some of us are having a great time playing it. Each to their own, my heart sinks with the Easter bunny event, but Township has something for everyone and variety is the spice etc.

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    LOVED the coin tasks! I believe it helped me get one of those Fancy Smancy co-op badges as a solo racer by being placed in the top 200 regional regatta!😄
    WhoooHooo! Probably will be only one I get as all others are clearly designed for larger co-ops.😶

    Everyone was kept on their toes in the snowboarding challenge. I wanted the crop booster, so stayed back and snagged 2nd place intentionally.😄

    I suppose that’s what the “Lounge” is for. And really isn’t against the rules. ❓
    I have some true to life cat stories that would literally break your heart, maybe I should give it a whirl.😻😹

    Thanks again, Mr. Banana

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    I like the coin tasks as well good motivator to sell some stuff lol.

    Weve had a really tough race this week and have been demoted to silver. No matter we enjoy how we play and wont be forced into perfect scores, so this week will be a welcome break from the usual race.

    Yes the snow ride challenge is an event I really enjoy and nice to get some decs and prizes. For me I really don't like the cooking event but I know its very popular and I will just sit it out. At the rate of how many events we are getting its no bad thing not wanting to do all of them IMO.

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    If I see one more coin task I'm gonna go broke! I used the "Buy / Sell Expensive Decorations" to do the task quickly losing 83,500 coins on the deal. Yes, I lost coins on each task but I made it up on volume

    I am missing the snowboarding event already but I can't bring myself to root for an early winter this year

    Good bye Vee, if I *do* get extradited to the UK, I'll need a good barrister, I'll PM you

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    If I see one more coin task, I am going to pull my hair out!! I am so glad to be done with this season. Every race, it seemed like coin tasks were the only 135s we could get on the board (with train fills coming in second - ingot tasks, everyone's favorite, were of course rare). Any time we tried dumping one coin task, another one would come back in its place. Due to what the board offered, I ended up doing six 135 coin tasks each week (so 24 total for the season) and it nearly killed me. Mining supplies are completely exhausted, and my barn was the emptiest it has ever been for such an extended period of time due to filling the heli orders as my main source of coins. I'm trying to preserve my gems for the zoo, so I didn't use the heli 2x coins booster, which made the task a real slog. Also, I don't have money to spare so refused to use the strategy of buying expensive deco and selling back for half price. I hope mystery tasks are back next season, and I'd also enjoy the zoo hearts task...I know that one is hard for many, but I've been focusing on my zoo for the past several months and am now at level 31 with all the shops and currently 54 baskets, so zoo tasks should be easy for me now

    We also had a very tough race last week. We had 6 members racing. Seven of the teams in our group were ranked between 300-750 on the leaderboard. Almost every team's description said they did 16x135 and most had won many, many trophies. On the first day, one of our members accidentally started a 129 point task while they were dumping, so we knew it would be impossible for us to have a perfect score. I really thought we were going to get demoted. 13 teams were racing perfect for most of the race. Luckily, we ended up in 10th with score of 12,954/12,960. 1st-8th all had perfect scores. During Week 2 of this season, we also had a race that was extremely competitive. We managed 5th that week. 1st-10th place all had perfect scores. 11th=12,956. 12th=12,953. And poor 13th place got demoted with score of 12,944/12,960. Pretty crazy. IMO, no team scoring that close to perfect should be demoted. I know many have asked for a platinum league, but I'd prefer they change the criteria for teams being demoted. One idea could be based on the max points your team can score. It could work something like this...In order to get promoted to the next league, your team needs to earn more than 75% of the max points possible for your team's size/league and to get demoted, you would need to earn less than 50% of the max points. Not advocating for those precise percentages, just using them as examples. Percentage of max score is just the first thing that popped into my head so don't judge it to harshly if you disagree LOL

    Snowboarding event is my absolute favorite. I'm sorry that some people find the actual snowboarding part difficult. I wouldn't describe it as "easy" for me, but I've always found the it satisfyingly challenging. More often than not I was able to finish the course. I never spent any Tcash. I love the way the event is designed. Snowflakes don't take up any space in the barn. I can accumulate lots of snowflakes and then snowboard back-to-back at my convenience. I didn't find the snow machines particularly outrageous with their requests for goods (mainly the same crops and quick to product items that I would keep in constant production in my factories). AND, each course gave you the possibility to collect 4 goods while navigating the course. These goods were often very valuable/difficult to produce items (accordions, drums, jelly fruit slices, suits, books, etc). In the end, the goods I picked up were more valuable to me than the ones I gave up in order to make snow. Plus of course the personal goal rewards and your placement bonus rewards. Taking all that into consideration, I consider this one of the most generous mini-games offered to us (and most flexible in terms of the time you have to put into it).
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