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Thread: Resignation

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    Hi all,

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve submitted my resignation as moderator and that I’m leaving Township (on the whole).

    RL has gotten busier and busier – and as I’ll be joining law school soon I only expect that to (sadly) get worse.

    Young adulting truly sucks.

    I’m proud to have made it a year and a few months, especially given how rapid the moderator turnover rate tends to be. It’s a hard (and often thankless) job and I really pushed myself for as long (and as hard) as I could to ensure that the most frequent faces here had a sense of stability and familiarity and that newer faces felt safe to ask for help and express opinions.

    My heartfelt gratitude to past and present moderators, Firenze (Rachel), Nevada (Emma), Thommmes (Thomas) and Graylady (Marcelle) – my compatriots, my brothers and sisters-in arms (haha) – you guys kept me sane in the hard moments and made me smile/laugh more even more in the lighter ones. Thank you for always being there and giving such great advice.

    A thank you also to Anna Petrova. Admin-ing is an even harder job and you’ve truly been the best one we’ve had. You’ve consistently stayed in touch with us moderators (both here and on Google Chat) and I know you’ve done your best to field questions, requests, and troubleshooting on the forums. You’ve always been extremely kind.

    Finally, to all of you – whether old or new players – I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and learning from you – and being able to help out when and where possible. I’m really going to miss logging on here and seeing everyone’s reactions to new updates, hearing about updates from your own personal lives, as well as laughing at the generally mucking around some of you often get up to here.

    Haha sigh, getting a bit teary now.

    I do have a Twitter account if you’d like to stay in touch – feel free to message me and I’ll let you know the username.

    Best wishes and so long,

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    You had a good run. I think you have lasted longer than anyone since Graylady stepped down.
    You did a great job. You were good at it.

    Kind Regards,
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    I'm so sorry to see you go, Vee! I wish you all the best in everything you do! And thank you for moderating so brilliantly, for so long! Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the hard work Vee. Wish you a lot of fun with your studies.
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    I will miss you here on the forum but more so in The Den!! You have a wonderful life ahead and I know you will give 110% at everything you set out to do.

    Best of luck and enjoy the midnight snacks! Xoxox

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    Good luck! We will miss you!
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    Ah Vee, so the time has come to say goodbye? Enjoyed your youthful spirit and dedication to the game. Feel so honored to have gotten to know you, even before you took on the Moderator duties.

    I know you will excel in your life ahead and I wish you much joy, happiness and fulfillment.

    xoxo, Nana
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    Stings already, Vee, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And you have a whole lot to do!

    You’ve been here almost since the start for me, here and in 2 coops, and I’ve watched you act thoughtfully and with grace under pressure any number of times. I feel sad and wistful, personally, but am also proud and a bit relieved to see you choose to let go a chunk of that pressure. It’s hard to be wise, dude, but seriously, good for you!

    I wish you luck, though you totally won’t need it.

    Bess xxx

    Edit: and thank you. Forgot that, duh

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    Sorry to read that you are leaving but I wish you every happiness for the future.

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    Wishing you all the best and thank you being a great attentive moderator

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