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Thread: Level 243 broken?

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    Level 243 broken?

    I've been stuck on level 243 for a couple of weeks now. I've looked at several video walkthroughs of this level and saw that those users all got several paper airplanes when they open the boxes on the field, but when I open the boxes, I only get a single airplane each. There doesn't seem to be enough moves available (only 17) to break 32 cookies AND 8 cat statues when each box only gives a single airplane. Screenshot_20180617-232437_Homescapes.jpg

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    Hi there!
    Really sorry to hear that
    The issue has been fixed by the devs a few days ago. Could you please restart your device, reenter the game and check if everything is alright now?
    If the issue is still relevant, be sure to contact our Support team via the settings of the game (Help and Support section).

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