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Thread: Where is extra lives icon?

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    Where is extra lives icon?

    Really Playrix-- where is the extra lives icon and my extra lives? The bank and the 2 day sale and the treasure chest are there on the right side of the screen. Where is the heart icon with my extra lives? How do I access extra lives any other way?

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    Where is extra lives icon?

    Where is the extra lives icon? What other way is there to access extra lives from friends?
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    Lives icon isn't be displayed because 2day sale is taking up space. Can't get my lifes from friends.

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    Put extra lives icon back

    It’s fine if the “sale” announcememt comes up - even if it pops up between every level (which would be annoying) - but do not HIDE our extra lives icon! It’s bad enough we can’t dismiss the fish bank but now this is ridiculous. I have about 30 lives from friends I can’t access!!!

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    Please fishdom put my life's heart back.
    Vouchers takes to many to buy the fish take that away. Thank you.

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    My lives icon has also disappeared my friends list has gone from over 700 to six what has happened. Only been since updating the other day. Please give me my friends and my lives back? First time in 12 months of playing every day for hours I get have to rely on lives generated by waiting 25 minutes in between. Doesn't help I am on a level which has squids so they don't last at all xxx

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    Forget the icon - you can click on the ❤ in the upper left corner - WHERE ARE MY ACTUAL LIVES?!? ALL THE LIVES sent to me by my Fishdom Friends are GONE. Straight up GONE!! FIX THIS, Fishdom. Or do you want us to stop playing? Because I lost about 100 lives, and that's not cool. Not even a little.

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    My extra lives icon is gone. I have over 300 Facebook friends just for fishdom (That I don't even know) therefore I can play as long as I want and never run out. I just had to pay 9 coins to play and I was building them up to buy explosives..grrr!!.. put back our extra lives so we can continue playing..Please!!!..

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    My lives icon is gone, please return my lives from my friends!!

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    You did exactly what they want, you paid!

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