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Thread: Frustrated with Fishdom

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    Since the vouchers, I only play once in while. The fact that when you beat the level and receive the chest, instead of boosters, we are now getting vouchers is very frustrating. Totally over this game......I'm saving lots of money now because I don't play as often and don't need diamonds anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdgroves View Post
    I too am about to do playing. I cannot get the promised diamonds. I spend money to have fun and its becoming a hassle. I downloaded Coin Master and I have yet to receive the promised 5,000 diamonds. Please send the diamonds to me. I hate to quit but fair is fair. I am on level 1446.
    @pdgroves: I am suspicious about these 5,000 diamonds you were promised. Promised by whom? Coin Master and Playrix are not connected with each other in any way. They aren't even from the same countries (China and Russia, respectively). If this promise came from Playrix, when and how did they do this? I am a daily player, almost on the same level as you are, and although I have seen an occasional ad for Coin Master, I have never seen an offer for 5k diamonds in Fishdom for downloading Coin Master.

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    How do I send requests from inside the game?

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    Go to Help and Support. Find a topic close to your problem. When asked, "did this answer your question? " click No. Another window should open where you can tell Playrix your issue. It can take several days before they get back to you, so be patient.

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    ndgoblue, Thank you.

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