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    Wishing.....for Barn update reward in the regatta store...we can purchase factory update
    Why no Barn update ?

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    There's different ways to upgrade your town:

    using ingot to upgrade (increase coins earned, xp, time, basket) factory, train, island in the Academy of Industry
    using barn materials to upgrade your barn (like building your barn to a new size with larger capacity)
    using CB materials to build factories and zoo enclosure and shops (+ wood planks etc.) and expand zoo shops, and then use the same combo of materials to upgrade zoo shops
    using land materials to expand land in the town and zoo
    using land expansion material to explore/start? the island.......

    Each has its own usage......... So you want to use ingot or what (??) material to expand your barn?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hchl View Post
    So you want to use ingot or what (??) material to expand your barn?
    I think the OP is asking for a barn upgrade prize as a future offering at the yacht club...This season, we can purchase a "Factory Upgrade Coupon" to get a free factory upgrade. So they would like to see a "Barn Upgrade Coupon" in the future Would be nice! But I kind of doubt it will happen :/
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    Ah! Thank you, kitty, never crossed my mind. I would love that too. We used to have land expansion ticket, why not barn expansion ticket as a reward in yacht club or in any other reward boxes?

    Advantage: Barn expansion will be useful to everyone, even the one who got more than 10,000 capacity in their barn and who play the longest. Every other expansion ticket would be useless to some portion of the "player-base", but barn expansion ticket would please everyone!

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