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Thread: New Update Bug

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    New Update Bug

    I just downloaded the game but when I open it it says there is a new update and sends me back to the App Store.

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    I've been playing for nearly a year. Now I can't open it because I'm directed to update, but that only takes me back to the app store. Any way to fix this?

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    I've got the same, can't play, the update window won't go, have checked on app site and there are no updates for fishdom at the moment.

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    Same here. I was playing this morning when the game forced me to update it (and I lost a pair of mines on a hard level). I did, since I had no choice, and was able to play a few minutes. Then I got the loop between the update window and the app store. I tried force closing the game, rebooted my iPhone, nothing.

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    Same issues. I play on my Kindle and it tells me to make sure the software is all up to date, which it is. I get to the Unique Fish page and everything freezes. Didn't have any issues until this last update. Very FRUSTRATED

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    Hello there, guys! We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused Please delete the game, restart your device, and then reinstall the app. If these steps don’t help to resolve the issue, kindly contact our Customer Support here:

    Thanks in advance!

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