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Thread: Toss The Glove

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    Totally agree!! Hate the glove!

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    Some bad news for the folks who still have the swapper because they haven't run out yet... with the upcoming update, your existing swappers will be converted to the gloves :-(

    Now two out of three in-game tools are useless. I wonder when they'll change the hammer into a pin that will pop only the white pearls or something like that :-|

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    Truly discouraging news. Ashamedly I was spending $150-$200 a month on this game (peaked at over $600 in DEC 2017) because this game helped distract my mind over the devastating loss of my father. My hub said he didn't mind as it was cheaper than therapy. Since the arrival of the glove (which has been a bit over a month) I've spent maybe $25 at the most. I'm actually at peace and moving on from a game that no longer holds my attention as it once did. Now, how to share/ give away over 1 million gold coins, 100 bombs, 20 lightning strikes, and 20 dynamite/ lightning power ups. If anyone knows, let me know.

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    LakenWolf, I'm sorry for your loss.

    That's quite lot of money. I used to buy diamonds if there was a good sale even if I didn't need them (I have >3500 of them) - just to support the developers. I don't do that anymore, why would I support something that frustrates me.

    I have a feeling hat the recent changes come from attempts to drive the revenues up but they might end up doing quite the opposite. Like in your or my case...

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    Couldn't agree more. All of the recent updates are ruining the game - the glove and the ridiculous vouchers - and lack of boosters. I also spend a bit of money on this game but thinking of deleting it now.... bring back the boosters, ditch the vouchers and the ugly fish that won't fit in any tank and make updates to enhance game play rather than hinder it...!

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    I agree. I've only had 1 glove when they first appeared. Not nearly as useful as the swap tool. Pretty much useless, even if I ever got one. With the new vouchers, you never get any useful tools anymore to help you win a game. I've been sitting here for almost 2 days waiting for an ad so I could get enough diamonds to win a game. No diamonds, no bombs. I was in 3rd place in the penguin challenge and also only needed 1 more game to complete all levels of the treasure chest
    when I ran out of bombs and diamonds. It's like Fishdom decided that they weren't going to give me anything to help me win unless I bought it!

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    This is an add on to my last comment. Finally got the ads back and got 9 diamonds. Also got a bomb in the daily draw. Figured I'd have a chance of winning the hard level with a bomb and 5 extra turns. No such luck. Got down to then last move, which I had the winning move, and my time ran out! This happens so often , I have a hard time believing it isn't fixed to get you to purchase more diamonds to finally be able to win the game.

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    I agree 1000%

    The glove is useless. The swap was great. Hard earned and expensive, so it is not like Fishdom had much to lose by letting us use it. It’s not like you got them enough or had reason to use them enought to rip through levels or save $.

    I also agree with the comments re: the new tickets. I have passed all the levels where most of the fish are useful (Japan, farm, space, tropical) and the lack of silver tickets makes them very frustrating.
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    I used to play this game religiously, and made purchases all the time but with the changes especially the glove I'm fading this game out. I do not understand why when you have something that is great and makes your customers happy you have to mess with it until you ruin it and disappoint us. There is no shortage of other games out there to play the market is flooded and I've already found a Fishdom replacement. The glove is ridiculous and useless it's a shame you don't listen to your customers feedback. I'm sure if you look you will see my game play is really down since your "improvement".😬

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    I just updated and my remaining swaps were converted to gloves against my consent. I abhor getting vouchers as a 'bonus'; it's like a slap in the face rather than a reward. Deleting the game with over 1600 diamonds; too bad I can't gift them.

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