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Thread: Pls fix rainbow blast ice vs dirt

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    Pls fix rainbow blast ice vs dirt

    Hi Playrix attached are two pix. One shows rainbow blast before I touch a flower. Other shot shows partially frozen flower free from ice, while flower partially embedded in dirt is still in the same condition. The rainbow blast didn't even arc some lightening toward the one in dirt. This is a change from what used to happen and I don't understand the logic at all. Login wording says rainbow blasts clear all of one piece from the field. And we know if there is an obstruction then it partially removes the obstruction. Flower is second pix should be free of the dirt.
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    Oops ok in description I meant firecracker of same color as flower embedded in dirt. After using rainbow blast firecracker of same color as flower, previously embedded in dirt should be free of dirt. So it will explode if I use another rainbow blast on a flower. The way the programming is now a player has to physically clear the dirt from firecrackers to use them. This is a change and it isn't fair or logical.

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