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Thread: The fish bank is full

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    The fish bank is full

    I don’t think I should have to buy what u have wonitgave me days for it to be release then didn’t just added more days over $ over again. It’s not fair I can’t have my stones or win anymore until I buy the full fishbank

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    The diamonds in the fish bank are there to be bought, not to get free. The system put extra diamonds in the bank for us to buy at a reduced price. As there is a limit of 50 diamonds, once it is full, the system stop putting new diamonds in it.
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    Fishy bank

    Hi everyone...I have bought R49.99 diamonds from my fishy bank... was suppose to be 50 diamonds but I never received it...although payment went through on 19March...What do I do now?

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    Hey there, Happy ladies! So sorry that you've faced such an issue. Please contact our Customer Support Service from within the game so that we could help you resolve this situation. Looking forrward to your message there!

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    Is there any way to get more than just 50 saved in the bank perhaps a hundred? I spent a ton of money and I continue to have to retrieve my bank daily. Seems too early to pay more

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    The FISHY BANK is a "Hot" topic I've seen this complaint several x a day.. We've All Worked Hard Beating the levels 2 EARN THEM WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING!? I Completely agree & I've asked - THIS IS THE ONLY QUESTION NOT ANSWERED BY CUSTOMER SUPPORT STAFF
    I NEED FISHDOM FRIENDS - Anyone else wanting 2 exchange lives.. I Play FISHDOM every day sometimes several x a day I'd B Happy 2 Exchange lives w'u If U ADD Me I'll Start sending lives soon as u show up on my FRIENDS LIST 🐙🐠🐚🦀🐳 G'Luck on all the levels. Thanks

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    The reason it isn't answered is because you did NOT earn those diamonds. They were, in effect, gifted to you by Fishdom and if you want to open the gift you have to cough up money. If the bank wasn't there, you wouldn't be getting several diamonds every time you finished a level. You might get one a week if you were really lucky.

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    How can I get more diamonds or lives

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