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Thread: New fish--completed tank

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    New fish--completed tank

    Hi players just a reminder, if you ever get enough vouchers for a new fish: I just tried to add the (free) Maui fish to a completed tank. There can still only be nine fish I guess the warning says remove one fish to add one fish. Don't forget to compare beauty points! Don't just remove a fish worth fewer beauty points, remove a small plant or something too so you are only adding the points you need(with the new fish) to get (back) to the third star. I think extra beauty points are wasted in a tank I don't think they are carried over to another tank. Good Luck!

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    Personally I think this voucher thing is BS I mean think about it,for me when I’m playing I see what a level is by playing 1 time before I knw what I need to beat it (what boosters etc) so for Fishdom to tell us no voucher unless you beat the level on first try is BS & then if you do beat it the first time you gel 1 maybe 2 BS,at this rate you’ll never have the new fish especially for ppl on higher levels..

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    I agree voucher thing won't work I know I won't earn enough. Just like you I play a game once to see what happens. So the voucher fish no, but you could still get a new regular fish from the regular store. I didn't want folks to forget to check beauty points if they swap something out.

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