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Thread: How Can I Get Enough Zoo Building Materials?

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    How Can I Get Enough Zoo Building Materials?

    I am at level 92 and have difficulty in constructing zoo buildings as i never get enough tools even if i load excessive number of goods at zoo stores. Until i collect the necessary tools, i get to the next level and begin to build another structure! There are more than 2 buildings undone! Please be merciful when determining the numbers or eliminate the zoo forever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aysesumnuuzun View Post
    There are more than 2 buildings undone!
    This is one of the reasons that the right building materials are not showing up for you - it works much better when only one building is under construction.
    Choose one of the buildings that is already started (preferably the one requesting the lowest amount of materials) and sell the excess materials you don't need for that one, and focus on keeping only the materials needed for that particular one. When the construction is finished, move on to the next one, and so on until they are all done. After that, wait until you finish one building before starting the next one. It's the same way as it is for the community buildings in the town.
    Good luck!

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    Yeah! Follow dreadnought's advice, and you will be fine.

    At zoo level 24, I started two construction, one zoo enclosure for reindeer, and one zoo shop: petting zoo, both needed wood planks. And I have difficult time getting planks while getting excess duct tapes for the petting zoo.

    At zoo level 25, I didn't get enough planks for zoo enclosure before leveling up to zoo level 26. I didn't start zoo enclosure for level 26, and waited for level 25's construction to be finished (with all 4 animals), then started my level 26 enclosure, even-though I still got excess hinges (for the beverage store at level 27) and occasional screw drivers and duct tapes (for shop's upgrade, I think), I got enough wood plank faster than last time (i.e. level 24 and 25).

    Finish one then start another construction will be the best way to get your zoo or town going.

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    All of the above it the early stages of building my zoo I hired the dealer once a week and spent one day loading the zoo baskets use the products with the highest upgrade [hart] value. On average I could get an enclosure every 3rd week. Yes planks were in short supply but as I got closer to the build and during build I would get them more often. It's a waiting game my biggest struggle was the gems I used them to get double coins sending helicopters As you get further along in the zoo build you will find you need ALL those gems Have to be willing to wait out the builds just like in the town. I had to wait two months for purple gems to get all my zoo babies.
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    Just wondering does the same thing apply if you have a zoo enclosure and a community building waiting for materials at the same time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post
    Just wondering does the same thing apply if you have a zoo enclosure and a community building waiting for materials at the same time?
    Yes it does seem to.

    Only (try to) have either one zoo building, or one community building, on the go at any one time. Including zoo building upgrades which also use building materials.
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    Thanks Nevada.

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