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    Purchases complaint

    I recently found out that my wife spent nearly $4000 dollars on a game called Gardenscapes, I thought she was playing some sort of harmless candy crush. It could be a good distraction when she suffer from after birth pains. But I was terribly wrong. This game is designed to hook you in, get you addicted and increase the difficulty, and force you to pay real money for the items in App to survival. A game should bring people joy, but this one only brought us frustration. This is not my own words, you can find plenty of feedback and reviews with words “addictive ””frustration””ridiculously hard””expansive””greedy”. STAY AWAY from this game, it is a poison. Please Forward and Post my message so people don’t fall into to its trap again. For more info please click into my facebook page.

    Thanks - A Husband who loves his wife

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    I am so sorry for all of the trouble you and your wife have been through. I think you are right these and similar games with "in game purchases" are as dangerous as playing a slot machine. The House (in Vegas the casino, or here Playrix) always wins. Some of us can walk away from slot machines, some of us can't. I know for Playrix this is a business and folks need jobs, but I wonder how much of a profit does Playrix need to make? I hope your wife gets the help she needs for this problem, and I hope she is feeling better too. Glad you are there to help her.

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    Also if you know where she downloaded the game from (google, iTunes, Amazon), be sure to write a review for this game sharing what happened to you if you feel you want to. Also contact the game designer (Playrix) and whoever your wife got the game from...posting a visitor post on their facebook pages or thru customer service) to see what they can do about helping you. Take care.

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    Nobody has to spent a single dollar in this or another game. We are liberate persons who I believe are able to make a racional decisions. I made it up to the level 2100 without any ingame purchase, so I disagree with your opinion, that this game is made to be played with spending a lot of money. Comment removed.
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    Thanks Nevada.
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    Really?? Blaming the game for irresponsible purchases your wife made is crazy. But not as crazy as the $4000. Sounds like you need to keep her away from the credit card. Playrix provides many games for all ages, but like anything else, can be abused. I have been playing Gardenscapes for some time now and have had trouble getting past some levels. Right now I've been stuck on a level for a week or more. It's called patience and self control.

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    Hi, Alanshore!

    I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you and your wife went through. I truly hope she'll feel better soon.

    Let me assure you that all Gardenscapes levels are beatable without any additional boosters, and lots of players advance through the game without purchasing anything at all. Please note that all the purchases in the game are optional, and you don't have to buy anything unless you really want to. You can always protect your device from accidental or unwated purchases by adjusting its settings (here's an article with more info about it).

    I hope this clears the air and will help you avoid situations like this in the future.
    -If you're having troubles with the game, please check out our Help & Support articles first.
    -In case you need further assistance, write a report from the game. To do so, follow the steps from this tutorial video.
    -If your game doesn't open, you can contact our support team here.

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    First of all: Best luck to you and your wife. I do have to agree with the previous comments, though: What you're describing isn't really an issue with Gardenscapes in particular but rather a well-known danger with all microtransactions in general. It's indeed possible to play this game without ever spending even a single buck for it.

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