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Thread: Delayed Start

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    How many racers did you have? I think with more racers, things loosen up a bit.

    I was thinking of what we've been seeing in groups with 4 or 5 racers. Last week only one team took a task below 135. The top 10 all had 4x16x135. The bottom four could have had the max if they purchased one last task.

    One racer not doing tasks would have had us on the bottom pretty much any week.
    we had 13 i think last week but only 12 were active and some others didn't do the full 15/16 either-it's not required. i think the game sees what your group can do and puts you in a wee bit harder to try to push you into competing(to use more TC) so as long as we have some less than 16x135 racers we'll probably be just fine

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    Thanks. I thought I had noticed before than we sometimes get in a slightly less competitive group after we have some finishes in the bottom half.

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