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Thread: BEWARE The June 2018 Update (Long-Time Players)

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    BEWARE The June 2018 Update (Long-Time Players)

    It looks like Playrix discovered there were different housing options available to old vs new players and decided to “fix” it without warning in this update.

    I have lost Population (655), 5 apartments and a house (that I know of so far). I spent money and time constructing these houses from what was offered to me by Playrix at the time. Now, I am penalized for THEIR MISTAKE. This is not right. I am really, really angry about this. To add insult to injury, the houses now available to me add up to 700 population, which is 5 over what I need to get maximum population again.

    Why should I have to sit with a calculator figuring how to do this to fix THEIR MISTAKE. They need to take ownership of the problem they created, not the players.

    I have filed support report and emailed Anna, but I am outraged that I have to go through this nonsense because of THEIR MISTAKES.

    Make that 3 small houses missing, so far. Up to 4 missing, now.
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    Morning Nana...I am so sorry this has happened to you and I can truly understand your anger, this is not only unfair it is also very unjust...for all who have full population. I only have one clearing, the other can sit there forever, I will not clear it.

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    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had problems Nana, so far I have not had any similar troubles , my population and houses are to the limit as they were before the update. I did lose my profile picture as for some reason I was disconnected from facebook but that is all.

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    Thanks Zena and Salmo. I just discovered yet another missing house. Salmo, I also had to reconnect to FB after the update, but didn’t lose my avatar (so far).

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    Wow! They should make it easier for the low level players, not take it out on the ones that have been with Playrix from the beginning!
    And they should have put the coins into your balance, this is so wrong! On so many levels!

    So sorry you are having to deal with this

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    Sorry you have to deal with that Nana, especially for the typical lackluster update. I don't even call them updates anymore, just disappointments.

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    Nana, I started playing about January of 2015 so I’m about 6 months behind you. I don’t know if that is close enough that we would have had access to the same buildings. I built all the houses/apt buildings as they were available and am at full population. I just did the update and didn’t lose any “housing”. You may be dealing with a glitch and not a “feature”. I hope they get it fixed for you soon.......what a way to start a Monday morning!

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    Now I'm scared to do the update!

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    In October 2017 update changes appeared to the numbers for some houses. My friend Gerry first noticed it. See this thread:

    Since I did not have the max population at the time and only completed my house building in the last 2-3 months, it appears I was able to buy/build houses on offer due to the changes.

    Playrix seems to have discovered their mistake quite late - 7-8 months later!!!!!!! Meanwhile those of us who continued to build during that time have fallen into an abyss of loss of population and houses.

    This is NOT THE PLAYERS FAULT! This is Playrix’s fault. I don’t want coins thrown at me, I want the houses I paid for and built returned to me as they were.

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    Hi Nana

    Thanks for the heads up. I still see these new houses marked available in my android game. I remember when they appeared last October. I already was at my max population then. I wonder what they will take off my game with the update. Probably some of my 12 coops as I am one of the few players with that many.

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