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Thread: Data Lost in New Device

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    Data Lost in New Device

    I did connect to Facebook in my old device. And when I change to a new device and connect to Facebook again at the start, all data are gone. I’m no longer at my previous level anymore. It jumps all the way back to level 1. How do I get back to my previous level as per my old device?

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    I have the same issue and was unable to resolve it!

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    Sorry to hear that!
    Please contact our Support team via the Help and Support section of the game settings for assistance.
    We'll be happy to help!

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    I'm having the same issue. I don't start back at level one but go from level 220 back to level 64. They can't seem to get it fixed and keep asking me to send another request, I'm now on request 3 and this time I sent message from both devices. How is it the messages sync but not the game?

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