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Thread: Star unfairness

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    Star unfairness

    The last months, the amount of stars needed for tasks has gone down. That's nice for new players, but i have already used these stars so it's not fair.
    I just read on facebook that you are going to need less stars to get through the garden part of homescapes and that hard levels are going to give you 2 stars. That'a great! But i've already passed that area and i've done many, many hard levels. I want my stars back and i want to get all the extra stars from the hard levels i passed!
    Don't tell us you can't do that because "the amount of stars needed might be raised later" because that's just rubbish.

    I love this game, but this is just unfair.... i actually stopped doing tasks in the partyroom and stocking my stars so i can use them when the amount of stars needed is lowered again.

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    I totally agree with you! I want to have the same amount of stars of the new players. People at lower levels than me are way ahead with the story.

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