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Thread: Need Link For Beta

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    Need Link For Beta


    My wife has been playing on both her phone and ipad for township, while she mostly use her ipad home i have been helping her with the phone while on the move.
    Sadly she installed the beta recently on her ipad but it's not showing on her phone with shared account setup.

    I'm trying to open her town to help her today and the normal application is refusing telling me there is a newer version.
    She told me also she received the link in game which obviously i can't open while on that phone

    any idea how i can bypass all this or do i have to tell her i cannot feed her livestock and the regatta task will be failed ?


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    Hi Jerome, as the beta link was in-game, it does look as though her regatta task will fail. It might be worth her contacting the devs to see whether she can be sent links to the betas from both devices in future.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Thanks but her task did fail because we couldn't get back in the game for 10 hours
    i will try to open a ticket with the devs.

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