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    Awesome town barbguinn! You have so much room for decorations, but no overstuffed areas. How do you do that?
    I always struggle with to few space and some decorations still have to wait in the storage till their time will come. I think i'm going to do some more sightseeing in your town to lift the secret
    Thank you so much I hate clutter and buildings blocking saying that I do have a lot in storage no land. I do have several apt building over in the far top right stacked on top of each other. One time I deleted four BUT learned my lesson had to buy them back to get the new land.

    All the farm land and buildings have stayed put. Same goes for the main part of my town. When we got the new music factory I had to get real clever to fit it in. The right side near the water falls has stayed the same but the 'fair grounds I have pushed around trying to make it a big them park with movie studio tours. My bunny village in storage Dino's are in the zoo for now.

    Your welcome to copy any ideas. My apartment building I borrowed from a town few years back it works for me.
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    Have all the factories Special projects and land expansion Zoo IS DONE
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    Quote Originally Posted by barbguinn View Post
    When we got the new music factory I had to get real clever to fit it in.
    I know that problem barbguinn Not with music's still a long way till i will build that factory...Lvl fits, but i have not enough citizens jet (and not enough money)...have to build more houses first, so i have to clean more land. And every time i put a new building to the scene its the same domino effect....dosen't fit so well to the building beside, so the neighborhood also has to be changed

    Quote Originally Posted by barbguinn View Post
    Your welcome to copy any ideas
    I like the idea with suitable balloons next to the farms very much. Love such tender details in towndesigns. But i can't find the chicken-ballon, nor the cow- or the pic-ballon in my inventory. There's only a bee-balloon Were the other balloons Event-Decoration in the past? Where did you get them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Happily View Post
    thank you so much! my coop name is ‘Ever after’. There are a few others with same name, but mine has 4 members atm.
    Thank you for sharing your coop-name happily your town is definitely worth a visit. Looks really, really great and unique with the island-system. I'm not surprised about the number of likes you've got. I think your town is worth every single one of them and i just gave you one more in addition...would have given more if possible
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