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Thread: Just A Little Advice On The Concept Of Helping Others

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    Just A Little Advice On The Concept Of Helping Others

    This is in regard to helping others on a friends list. I know I get a clover every time I help someone, but there’s a little more to the whole concept than just that. If you want to get deleted from my friends list or be kept there here’s my do’s and don’ts.

    1) Try your best to ask for as few of any one item as possible.

    2) At least let your helper see you’re making an effort by keeping your factories active. If you’re asking for nine bread and your bakery isn’t even running, it tells me you just don’t care.

    3) if you want 10 potatoes, why aren’t you harvesting the 20 or more you have in your field right there next to your train?

    4) I have no way of knowing who you’re indeed helping back, but if you’ve been on my friends list for months and you haven’t reciprocated even once, I’ll replace you with someone who will.

    5) If you find you can’t help back, at least send a balloon once in a while.

    I always see the same people on the help screen and they always have idle factories, the item they’re asking for is right there in their field, they’ve never helped back, or they want 6 suits to fill three plane crates. (Hint: the plane tells you 5 hours in advance that it wants suits). I will pass you up to help someone else and after a while, I’ll make room for another.

    To close, I want to thank everyone who does make an effort and has helped me in the past. I try to make getting that clover as easy as possible for you.

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    All I’d say to that, TwoEggs, is that going to a person’s town to see whether their factories are working and what they have in their fields isn’t necessarily a reliable marker of anything. We very often don’t see our friends’ towns in real time.. that is, the crops you are seeing may well be out of date.

    Also, many coops have a policy or rule whereby players are expected to ask for help as often as possible, regardless of how much they are able to help in return, as the rewards of clovers and xp are seen by many as worth far more than the cost of the goods to the giver. Those you’re seeing appear most frequently may well belong to such a coop.

    That’s not to say there aren’t those who are all take and no give out there, but these are just some other factors to bear in mind.

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    I should probably have been clearer in describing the players my advice was directed to. Thanx for bringing that up.

    I completely understand what you’re saying in regard to co-ops encouraging members to ask for help. I’m speaking largely of those who are not in a co-op or their co-op members are not helping them which tells me that’s not the case. I see this when they remain in the help list for hours and I often see their plane timer tick down to zero and leave with a partial load.

    I also understand the likelihood of not seeing their town in real-time. But as far as I know, that shouldn’t be up to as much as a full and seeing no change. And especially when day after day, there is little to no activity.

    Your points are things I should have included and I’m sorry for that. But, my point remains for those who are simply waiting for others to do as much work as possible for them, and not those who you can plainly see do try.

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    TwoEggs......I have wanted to post something along this line for a very long time on Facebook. May I copy and use it?

    Thank You!

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    I wouldn’t mind. I do think you should bring up the points Bessville mentioned as well. It’s up to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoEggs View Post
    I wouldn’t mind. I do think you should bring up the points Bessville mentioned as well. It’s up to you.
    Thank You! I will definitely bring up those points.

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    I guess there's more than one type of play style, as we seem not to agree.

    1. Try your best to ask for help on each train & in each slot, and I will as well. On each thing you request, I will try my best to gift it to you.

    2. It can be very trying to fill an order that wants 11 bread or 9 shakes. If i see you requesting these, I will start up my factory for you if it is possible, knowing that it can be difficult for others to help.

    3. If you ask for 10 potatoes, if i have them, I will give them. I know how difficult it can be when a train or plane wants 10 of something in each slot. I especially will help when the train/plane wants 59 corn or wheat knowing that you may not have the barn space for such an absurd request. Of course that's assuming I do have the barn space too.

    4. If you are not helping me, that's ok. You would actually find it difficult to beat my co-op friends in helping me. But I do expect you to help someone. If you are asking for difficult items such as glue or couches, I will be checking to see your gifting history. If you are level 45 and have only given 200 times, then I will delete you as a friend, but most probably u aren't a friend anyway as I only accept giving people as friends. So if you are a random person who shows up on my list, I will give you a like & most probably pass on gifting.

    5. I don't keep track of balloons, but it sure seems I get more than what I am allowed to give out. That being said, when I do give out the balloons, I give them first to those who have helped with trains/planes.

    6. My own thought. When I receive a request for help on a plane, if none of the other slots are being filled, then I will not fill the request. I will keep a watch on the plane. If it starts getting filled, then I will help.

    I get xp & coin for helping in addition to the clover. I much rather help others than send out my own heli orders. The only time I am less likely to help is when I have a heli buff up and working on regatta task.

    But like I said, we all have our own play style with our own idea of how people should or should not do things. So if my play style is offensive to someone, I will not be offended if they delete me as a friend.

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    When i’ve seen friends asking for crops that i can see in their fields, i’ve just written it off as a barn space issue.

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    I must admit it never occured to me to check someone’s factory/crop activity when they ask for help. If I can fill the crates I do so, without thinking more of it. Interesting thread but like already mentioned above, there are (luckily) several types of playing styles

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    TwoEggs, Bessville, and Tannie ;
    I enjoyed reading your slant on friends, one of my favorite topics.
    At this point, with plenty of good helpers, whether some of my friends help me back is not as
    important if they are a ready source of clovers. I call this type friend a "Clover Cow".
    They are very needy and you can get in good shape for the Regatta if you have
    some of these. Yes, a balloon every now and again is nice from them.

    But having said that, I do try to get friends that help back as well. I qualify them
    with a metric before I send the friend invite.
    Here tis -

    Thanks for making the forum more funner,
    Kind Regards,
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