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Thread: Just A Little Advice On The Concept Of Helping Others

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    I dont belong to a coop too much bickering over regatta

    I always try to put back as much as I take but I always feel guilty asking

    When I need for 30 or 40 corn i make it

    I hate being a trouble to anyone and try to plan filling crates and use the dealer

    It makes playing the game harder but you cant change the way people feel

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    I am grateful people help me a lot, and I would throw in some easy ones for my helpers, because it is easy to produce and they get clovers (not too much coins though).

    I avoid airplane task like a plague, unless I took a mystery task or a precious chest with 5 plane task in it. I would try to produce enough product/plants for the plane task, but barn space is always an issue, unless I just upgraded my barn or finished a CB and used up a lot of CB tools or barn tools.

    Asking help and giving help is like two sides of the same coin, when you help you got the warm fuzzy feeling, and if you were helped by others you got the warm fuzzy feeling....... I love that warm feeling of kindness and goodness.......

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    If barn space is an issue, ensuring that you have some high level playing friends is extremely beneficial. In the early days of playing, I would gratefully rely on Graylady and Ralph to help fill my crop orders. They would swoop in and fill crate after crate, while I was still struggling to make room in the barn to harvest the crops I'd grown.

    Now, I'm in the position to help everyone I can with large crop orders, and think nothing of filling crates needing 72 corn or 18 milk/eggs. Back then, we didn't have crop or animal boosters, or the regatta, so having completed a rice task and with a crop booster still going, I'm now sitting on 224 rice with 110 wheat and have 200 spaces in the barn.

    It's always worth flagging difficult crates, even if you intend to fill them yourself. If you receive the help then it's a win for you, if you don't receive the help, you were going to fill it anyway, so nothing's lost.

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    If someone in your co-op or a person who is a personal friend to you outside of the game as well as in the game is behaving in a perhaps unknowingly selfish way, these might be some good tips to share with them, TwoEggs.

    However, asking this of every stranger you’ve accepted onto your friends list is asking way too much from them IMO. In this scenario, my personal belief is that we should not tell people what kind of player to be. You have the power to add/delete people from your friends list. If you accept a new friend, monitor them for a few days. See what kind of requests they make and/or if they offer you help/balloons. If they don’t match your personal expectations of how a good friend should behave, delete them and add a new person. Once you have a solid group established, go through your list every so often, purge people that seem to have abandoned the game, and give someone new a shot.

    A player you may consider selfish may be gratefully seen as a “clover cow” (love than term Cobalt) by others, especially during this regatta season with the “Fill Trains Holds” task. Requests that seem annoyingly hard to fill for one person (lots of one item, like 9 strawberry milkshakes, or a whole plane column of valuable items like coconut soup) may be easy to part with for another player. Sometimes I may have a bunch of potatoes grown when a train arrives asking for them, but I won’t use them to fill my train because my next plane is going to need potato bread. So I’ll flag the potatoes on the train and assume that anyone that helps me is doing so without holding it against me because they want to help for one reason or another (altruism, to earn themselves a clover, to increase their help count for the achievement or their own personal “helping” challenge, etc).

    If you are begrudgingly filling help requests for people, I believe you are the cause of your frustration, not them. The easiest way to resolve your frustration with those friends is to replace them. Trying to convince other players how they should behave is not really worth your time (trust me) since you have total control over who you allow on your friends list. As some uncredited person who writes internet memes/inspirational posters once said “If you're helping someone and expecting something in return, you're doing business, not kindness.” Doing business is fine…just realize not everyone sends/accepts friend requests with that sort of transactional relationship in mind.

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    My thoughts on Helps:

    1. There is nothing I won’t give you. You ask for help, I will give it to you regardless of quantity. Per Cobalt’s help calculation, I’m at 203%. So, I do help a lot.
    2. If you’re asking help with crop and I see your fields not doing anything, I won’t help you. Yes, I know that the sync may be off; however, I will keep checking your town and if your help is still up but there is still no activity in your fields, I won’t help. To me, this is you saying someone else will do the work for me. JMO
    3. I don’t check for activity in factories. I will just help you with the product you’re requesting.
    4. My trains arrive at the same time and I will throw up a help on a railcar for each train. I will never ask for help for more than 2 items. I do not ask for help for 38 corns, 29 carrots, etc. The only time I ask for more than 2 items is if my husband is sitting next to me and I know he will load that railcar. I always have the product and I give it 5 minutes. If it doesn’t get filled, I fill it myself and send my train out.
    5. I never ask for help on planes let alone asking for 68 corns. Someone above mentioned that folks ask for 59 corns because they may not have barn space. Well, I don’t ask because that would be me assuming someone else is not having barn space issues just as me.
    6. Yes we get a clover, but 95% of the time, I forget to check and lose clovers throughout the day. I can say I lose about 15-20 clovers per day due to not checking. I say this because I do like helping and I don’t do it for clovers.
    7. Gift Balloons – if you help me on all three trains, I will give you a balloon. I only have 4 as my husband gets a balloon every day.

    With all that said, the other day I ran myself out of something and threw up a help because I really needed it. The dealer was 50 minutes from returning. Out of the 50 in game friends and some 60 Facebook friends, my train sat there for 15 minutes without anyone helping me. I’m thinking, really, not one of you can help me, not one of you have that product after the 100’s of times I’ve helped each and every one of you on my list. My husband logged in and helped me. Did this put a bad taste in my mouth……Hell Yeah! I was pissed because like I said above…..those on my friends list know that I will give them anything. After this, my feelings changed on helping. I feel there are people who log in….ask for help and leave. They don’t help back. Yes, life happens but to always log in, asks for help and never help back rubs me the wrong way. I have started taking notes of those people and have deleted a few and will continue to delete. I will most likely end up with 10 in game friends and 15 Facebook friends and that is fine with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannie View Post
    6. My own thought. When I receive a request for help on a plane, if none of the other slots are being filled, then I will not fill the request. I will keep a watch on the plane. If it starts getting filled, then I will help.
    actually, why? Because I request plane goods that way sometimes. My approach is: if I know that I won't be able to produce goods (or buy them) then I don't fill another crates at the same cargo hold. But I'd ask for help for the crate that has goods I can't produce/buy. Then, if anyone would help me, then I fill the rest of crates in the same cargo hold. This way I won't waste goods in unfilled cargo hold. Of course, I request for help only for cargo holds that I have the rest of the goods to fill, so goods coming from helpers are not wasted.

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    When it comes to helping, I try not to take it too personally or give it too much thought.

    I don't think there is anything wrong or impolite for asking for help, regardless of what the crate might require (1 cream or 60 wheat). I will simply choose to fill or ignore the request. It only takes two seconds. I may choose to monitor the train or plane but that seems something I'm not thrill about doing it

    I think is a valid point to check the other player's factories and field to see if they are worthy of help. However, I do believe we are well compensated in money and experience (in addition to the clovers). It is not an altruistic action. I do make it my responsibility to collect all clovers. Even if that friend never helped me back, the game provided me with fair return on my goods.

    I have to admit that I am more likely to help and go out of my way if I see other crates filled and produce any extra goods in my factory/field to help fill a request.

    As I progress in the game, I purge my friends, especially in the lower levels. I mean, for example how much can a level 10 help a level 50?

    I mean sure I will like to purge friends who have never helped me but at the same time I have not helped everybody.

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    Same here, Animus.

    If I have enough to fill the rest but not enough for the whole, I would ask for help without filling any, because I can send the plane empty without wasting anyone's products/plants. Whenever the request is filled I would fill the same row, until the whole plane is filled and ready to be sent out.

    Luckily, my friends are willing to help at the rare occasions when I ask help for filling my plane crates (I usually ask only one or two crates to be filled, only a few time for 3, and never asking 3 of the same products/plants-crates in the same column).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdelacr View Post

    As I progress in the game, I purge my friends, especially in the lower levels. I mean, for example how much can a level 10 help a level 50?
    Don’t forget, tho, that having a few lower level friends who regularly ask for help is a great way for you to get clovers for filling easy requests.. I always keep a few around, tho you do have to watch for them dropping out as they often quit the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hchl View Post

    (I usually ask only one or two crates to be filled, only a few time for 3, and never asking 3 of the same products/plants-crates in the same column).
    In my co-op we do flag all crates in the same column because that makes it worth using the dealer. I'd rather buy 9 coats and fill someone's 3x3 quickly.
    Similarly when I have to flag the whole column it is usually filled in a snap by one player.

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