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    6 26.09%
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    16 69.57%
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Thread: Which Do You Prefer? Train Or Plane?

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    Johnalex Zarco

    Which Do You Prefer? Train Or Plane?

    Which do you prefer? The train or the plane?
    I think I prefer the trains though the plane is nice too
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    I prefer planes. The rewards for filling planes are needed more (jewels, coins, barn expansion tools). Not that I don't enjoy trains; they also bring mining and barn expansion tools

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    Poll results are impressive...

    50% for one and 75% for the other... that’s mathing on a whole new playing field...

    I went with trains because I very rarely bother with planes. I like the zoo, need all the gems, but just can’t be faffed with it. Once every now and then when my barn’s empty (after heli tasks) I’ll take a plane task because I can plan ahead what I’m going to need, and get all the other factories working on restock, but... eh.

    Trains bring axes and even (once in a blue moon) saws! <3!
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    What Nevada said.

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    I go for planes. When I first started playing they were so much easier because I could prep for what was coming in. Now after playing over a year, I like the fact that if I don't want to bother with the plane, I can send it empty. Trains on the other hand, I'm stuck with! I had one received tly that wanted 2 cars each of large quantity crops and another long production item I didn't have. It took me almost 24 hours to get it filled.. And yes I know I can use the dealer, but not useful for crops and I was in the middle of a clay task and out of picks. And as usually, my barn was full!

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    I'll go with scorekeeper prefer planes, especially for the rewards. The trains can wait, though they don't stay much !

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    I only do planes when I need extra coins, it’s good for that. I rely on trains for building necessities (working on zoo)

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    If you are asking about tasks, I never do a plane task, rarely do a train task, and jump on heli tasks with a heli buff. Otherwise...

    When I first started, I am currently level 60, I preferred trains over planes because I was so desperate for building/land/barn supplies. But upon the advice of many, I upgraded my trains to 50% time reduction first. At about the same time the 3rd train was upgraded, I started getting community buildings every other level. That is when I started getting more building supplies than I could use, so now I put the priority on planes. Planes are actually a little easier because I can advance prep for them.

    When I was also new to game, I sent out every heli I could, and I kept up the heli buff so I would make enough coin to build. But now that I'm level 60, I rarely send out heli unless it's a regatta task, and then with a buff. Otherwise I prefer to help other people fill their planes & trains.

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    I prefer planes, because I can prepare for the goods I need, trains are too unpredictable and always seem to want everything I don't have while I have hundreds of other goods just waiting to be used. Trains hate me, lol.

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    Does anyone think there any relationship to the gems you receive to the goods in crates you fill for planes

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