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Thread: Interseasonal Regatta Issues that Playrix seems to be ignoring.

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    I can understand the frustration of having a chest dumped due to a member allowing a chest to time out. We had that happen twice in my co-op. Once in the eleventh hour on a chest this person needed to complete their goal with no time left to do another one.
    We chalked this up to learning and I doubt it will happen next time.
    Sharing chests is part of what makes this fun. I think it was a great idea.
    The root word of cooperation is co-op. If your members are not working together on either this format or the regular regatta you don't have a co-op, you just have a bunch of strangers with their own agenda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingswood View Post
    I would like to know why our cool members get different rewards. It's not fair !!
    kingswood, two of us have already replied to your previous posts about everyone receiving different rewards. Have you read them?

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    Our coop thinks that this inter seasonal regatta is just plain stupid and confusing and wish that it would go back to the way it was before.
    Our motto is “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”!!!!!!!!
    Please change it back to the way it was before.
    There is probably more people that HATE the inter seasonal regattas then not, they just can’t or won’t say anything about it.
    I bet if there was a poll taken it would come out with more people hating it then not!!!!!!

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    No no no no...... I love the inter-seasonal regatta! I completed all 9 chests of tasks and many more by myself and still feeling rested.......

    Do not speak for us, just say your piece, and that's it, your opinion!

    I hope inter-seasonal regatta stays, and will not change back to the old competitive way! I don't want to compete every week!

    Usually I would keep quiet and say nothing unless there's a problem that needs to be addressed, but now my silence was misconstrued to mean that I agree with you?! I will not be misrepresented anymore! I love inter-seasonal regatta! It only needs a little modification (discussed in this thread already). And that's it!

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    I really like the interseasonal regatta and the rewards seem to be better than regular regatta rewards. While there might be things that should be tweaked, I love it too.

    Just like in everything, some people will disagree. I think playrix is smart enough to determine whether is working or not. Some Loud voices (coming from either side) don’t represent the thousands of people playing Township or change the facts like how many people are participating. We still simply don’t have those objective stats.

    I really Don’t understand how an interseasonal can be so detrimental to a co-op that has good working relationship among its members or how hard is to wait one more week for an actual regatta.

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    I still think the most crucial part about it is that it’s optional. We now have the freedom to take a break, which we didn’t have before. Whether we like the different format and want to do it or not is entirely secondary to that point, for me. Its bound to be tweaked a bit yet, so I’m content in the meantime to point out what I feel are issues with it, hear about how other groups are doing things and how they feel, and sit tight.

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    The only thing I do not like in interseasonal regatta is that no matter what chest you take all give 1+ point , that is not fair really. Wooden should be 1+ point and other chests points should be more.

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    I’m personally perturbed because this interseasonal regatta, I have 2 Precious chests open and 1 golden chest. All have zoo tasks, and NOT ONE DAY have I had a quick item in the zoo to do. 😤🤯

    I’m a solo racer, and I guess I’ll just have to “eat it” and wait another day to complete the chest.
    It sucks and this is how Playrix has rigged the game once again so that you have to spend T-dollars to
    speed things up or not complete all avaiable chests.😑👎

    One more thing. In the Precious chests and golden chests, there is not one single boat task for one to prep for either...Not fair!😡
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    Hi MissWilliamston

    Why don't you dump chests until you get some to your liking? As a solo racer you have full control on the board! Dump, dump, dump...

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    I know Graylady. But I’m trying to do Precious chests and golden chest, unless I run out of time.
    But, only 2 Precious chests have come up and only 3 golden chest...the rest have been iron and wooden.

    With an hour wait..I don’t think so...

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