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The only thing I really hate about the Interseasonal is the ridiculously high number of tasks that have to be completed. Our level five one it 263 tasks between 17 of us. Three of our coop members are currently not playing and opt out of regular season regattas for us. I hate that you can't opt out because I'm pretty sure the task count is calculated by the number of people within the coop so we're having to do all the more to try and get that final level. The interseasonal might be considered a 'cool down' week but it really isn't.
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Well... I guess the 'cool down' element is mostly about the lack of consequences for deciding not to take part. Btw, the number of tasks you're doing each looks pretty similar to ours, and we have a lot more players who routinely opt out of racing, so the how/why of it gets a big shrug from me. Maybe the assumption is we'll dump more, and do a high proportion of easy tasks, I don't know. Anyway, good luck to you and yours, and I hope you find a way to start enjoying it more soon.
Its supposed to be a cool down week? More like a week to throw your phone out the window! It really sucks if you fail as task the whole chest gets dumped!