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Thread: Purchase caused full tablet crash and loss of all data

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    Purchase caused full tablet crash and loss of all data

    I purchased 12000 coins from Gardenscapes and my game crashed - removing 900 of the purchased coins, but leaving the rest in place.

    Started game again then my tablet crashed and went in to an eternal reboot loop (rebooted, loaded, shut down, rebooted).

    Samsung tablet - followed instructions online to get it up and running again and to my horror all my data had been erased - including all my progress and coins in Gardenscape!

    I am now back to the very start and have lost all my purchases (was up to level 1650).

    This will be the second time I have had to start over and I am VERY frustrated and have lost my money.

    Tried to contact Gardenscape and received an email saying to contact through my tablet - only problem is that this function is broken. I go to settings, help and support, click on "Contact Us". question comes up asking if to complete by email or gmail - If I chose email it won't recognise my email address. If I chose Gmail a message appears saying "can't attach file" and crashes the game.

    Is there any way I can get this restored without having to go through the program?
    I have now linked through Facebook - can this be used?

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    sounds quite terrible, indeed. Can't give technical advice, but: Dasha Mironova is the Playrix Admin for Gardenscapes. If you look in her signature, last line, for example here:

    there's a link how to contact them outside the game.
    If that doesn't come to a solution, you can probably try the same way as we are told for Township: send a private message to Dasha (a Playrix Admin), with your ticket number, and ask her to check with CS on your report.

    BTW, if you signed up earlier maybe with a different email address, you should use that one. (also just an idea about that email address problem. You should be sure that your device can send emails.)

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