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    The Sport Fishing Event Decor

    Hey, Townshippers!

    We hope you're enjoying the Sport Fishing Event. 🐠 πŸ’¦ Check out this cool DECOR the Event has brought:

    🚣 Divers
    🐚 Hermit Crab
    β›Ί Fisherman's House
    🚒 Stranded Yacht
    πŸ™ Fishing Octopus
    πŸ‘― The Mermaid
    🎣 Lucky Fisherman
    🌊 Sea Horse
    🎏 Sea Fence

    Show the screenshots of how you placed it! We bet it looks just awesome 🐳✨🌈

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    I just have to tell you all this if you missed it, The decoration "Stranded Yacht" Is one of my most favorite decorations in the game because:

    When you put it in the water right behind your town sign, the animation of the bird perches itself on your town sign and fly's around!

    How cool is that? Please, give it a try!

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    I still love the fisherman’s cottage, I got that at the last event.
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    Fisherman's cottage and statue are part of permanent design, as well as mermaid in the zoo



    And new deco was put into the "Summer park" in my "Mayor's playground". Will soon change it for Egyptan-Arabic exposition.
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