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Thread: Sport Fishing Event: General Questions & Opinions

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    Sport Fishing Event: General Questions & Opinions

    Just thought to get this thread up in advance of the event start.

    Feel free to share speculative thoughts here in the time in-between.
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    Fishing Event

    Was the refresh time for an empty boat really 2 hours last time?

    It struck me as being a big jump in waiting time.

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    As far as I recall, it’s always been a long wait. If anything, 2 hours seems shorter than I remember..

    Edit: there you go, Ruth, lovely Lurkville knows. Guess it just felt like longer, lol #isuckatfishing
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    According to a thread from the last fishing event, it has always been 2 hours.

    Here's the link if you're interested:

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    Thank you both, guess I got confused with the recent shorter times of the colour block and snowboarding events.

    Obviously can't leave this this event to the last couple of days!

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    Its a rubbish game

    The coloured fish just st there with their nose nearly touching the lure then along comes a grey mackerel end of game

    Just a way to fill up tge barn with bottle capsand try and force an upgrade

    I love the diver but why such a big foot print

    My sea is as over crowded as my land

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    Is there a catch to the bar being super small or thicker? I can't seem to notice any patterns concerning how easy it can be, seems entirely random and you just have to get lucky. At least with the plane there were a few tricks and the cooking event takes speed and good hand/eye coordination. Is there any skill to this has anyone noticed? How do these people get tens of thousands of points or whatever in these events. I'd love to be a fly on their screen.

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    I only have blue fish! It's been that way for a whole day. Anyone else have that problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassytrisha View Post
    I only have blue fish! It's been that way for a whole day.
    Are you aware that you must catch the blue fish, to empty that "boat", or rather its fishing ground? Only then it will refresh/reload also the others.

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    So how do you catch them

    They sit there with there nose all but touching then something takes the bait and its a grey fish

    Waste of time its done that everytime they wheel this game out

    I got 1 blue fish this time

    I just delete the bottle caps now

    See we have a special offer to buy the lures with t cash

    Must think we all came up the Clyde in a bucket to fall for that

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