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Thread: Treasure Hound event

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    Treasure Hound event

    This new way doesn't work for those of us who are at the end of the levels. We won't get to play it if there aren't any levels to play. This change is very annoying. I used to be able to at least play the treasure hunts while I was waiting for new levels and I can't even do that now. FRUSTRATING

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    So this hunt is exchanged for puppy training? If so its such a pity for us end game players. For training we were able to earn stars during wait for new levels.

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    Treasure Hunt

    There have been a few changes to Gardenscapes lately that have really frustrated me, so I know when I comment I sound very critical. With that in mind, I thought I would take the time to post that I love the new Treasure Hunt game! It works well, it makes playing the game really fun, everything works as it should. It's definitely one of the highlights of the game right now. I love the animations and the prizes are good enough to be really helpful / fun. Way to go, team, on this one!

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    Treasure Hound was great!

    It was the best I’ve seen so far on Gardenscapes, better than Magic Hats, Dog Training and filling the safe with 5000 coins that you have to pay $2.99 in real money for. I hope that Treasure Hound will come again often! Those extra moves, bombs and rainbow blasts are essential for the higher levels, which are almost all hard levels even if they aren’t labeled that way and you don't get the extra coins or one extra star. I haven’t seen the extra Hard Level that gives you an extra star for awhile. I hope it comes back wth 5 extra stars. Just one is pretty lame. And I hope more coins can one day be collected in the safe. It would be better to stop at 10,000 coins, especially if you have to pay $2.99 for them.

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    Dog treasurehunt

    As a loyal player above level 2576, you have notting at the dogs teasurehunt, because you can only use them at normal levels, and we can only play from the treasure chest. By the time we get new levels, usually on Thursday, the dog treasurehunt is already over.

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