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Thread: Easy Barn Fix to Counting Crops in the Fields

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    Easy Barn Fix to Counting Crops in the Fields

    The "Plant" tab in the barn should also itemize and list how many and of what type crops are in the ground in your fields, either growing or ready to be harvested.

    Counting squares is a pain in the butt, just to figure out what you will be able to reap 12 hours from now, etc.

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    SLO_Coco, now your genius idea brought the issue to mind, I can think of a few different ways to show the info, actually, but anything that makes us less likely to miscount when planting in quantity for tasks would be welcomed by players, I’m certain.

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    Many players plant in rows or groups of set amounts, to make for easier counting of fields.

    I personally try to group into a row of 6, since so many things are in multiples of 2 or 3, but I've also seen a lot of towns that utilize two side-by-side rows of 5. Easy counting, even for me as a fly-by visitor.

    The extra # in the barn is a great idea, although I can easily see a huge # of folks getting confused by it.

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