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Thread: Task: Collect 11 Baskets of Colorful Feathers

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    Task: Collect 11 Baskets of Colorful Feathers

    Hi, I would be really grateful if someone could help me understand what this regatta task actually means. I've taken it on and although I've been feeding ducks and collecting feathers all day long, the number I'm supposed to be collecting isn't moving. What exactly is meant by 11 batches of colourful feathers? I collected three times and the number didn't move, then it suddenly moved up by a couple then stopped and hasn't moved three times after collecting more feathers.

    I'm very confused by this and losing my position in the regatta as a result!

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    Sucom, colourful feathers are the blue ones, down feathers are the white. When I do a colourful feather task I feed the ducks banana bread, to get the highest chance of them coming back with the most blue feathers in the shortest time. Good luck!

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    The task is asking for colorful feathers (which are colored blue/green), rather than down feathers (which are colored white).

    Green ducks dispense colorful feathers and down feathers, blue ducks only dispense down feathers.

    To increase your chance of green ducks/colorful feathers, you can use a bagel or banana bread as feed.

    Hope that helps!


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    Hi Bessville, thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Are you saying, then, that the number of blue feathers which might turn up at each collection is completely random, even with a possibility that I may only collect white feathers? If so, I definitely won't be taking on this task again because it's causing me to fall behind even though I'm putting maximum effort into it by staying on ALL DAY!

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    Ahh I see; thank you Amoria I've been feeding them bagels with the occasional bread and my lack of knowledge means I'm unlikely to score too well in this regatta. Oh well, lesson learnt. (Makes a note: I won't be taking on this task ever again)

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    1 Banana Bread usually gets me 1 Colorful feather.

    If 11 are required, I would plan for 11+2 = 13 Banana Breads & would expect to spend 3 hrs (2 Down Feeders).
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    I only use banana bread on my ducks, so I don't know what results do bagels and breads bring. I am very sure I've never encountered a collection of feathers that doesn't include both the down feathers and the blueish green ones. I don't usually pick feather tasks but in case it appears on mystery tasks, I still make sure I always have enough banana bread. I am constantly on the lookout for them in the market and buy until I have 15 or 16 of banana bread in the barn. The most banana bread it took me to finish a task is around 7, though I can't remember how many feathers it required me to get.

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    Interseasonal Regatta no penalty for "dumping" = abandoning task. If you don't need the chest then dump it

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