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Thread: 24.05 Hooray for the new update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasha Mironova View Post
    Eager to explore the mysteries of the May update? Get ready for the greatest adventure in the history of your garden! Let’s take a peek at what awaits you in the game:

    New in match-3
    - A new booster: Gardening Glove. Swap adjacent pieces without using a move!
    - A new element: Gas Cylinder. Get rid of it in a limited number of moves!
    - Lucky Spin helps beat levels now! Spin it to get additional moves when you lose a level!

    New adventures
    - A new interactive book over the river: read about the former owner at any time you want!
    - The guest house finale: organize a reading meeting for friends!
    - Jungles and fossils: open a new area featuring a dinosaur park!
    - Restore a mysterious map to help characters find the Lost Island!

    Update the game in your official app store and check out all the novelties! Don’t forget to tell us about your impressions

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    Since the update I can no longer play beyond level 2551, even though I have a task to do.

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    More Levels!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by snowslady View Post
    Since the update I can no longer play beyond level 2551, even though I have a task to do.
    I have the same issue I am on 2551 and there’s no more levels when I was on a roll with the treasure hound and having all the power ups unlocked and they didn’t carry over to the finding of the keys to unlock chests?! Which I’m sick of doing levels for keys to unlock the chests the rewards are minimal and not rewarding for being at the “end game” waiting for more levels or updates....PLEASE GIVE US 300 more levels to hold us over!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Serren View Post
    The new layout for the garden tools is difficult to view. It was much better when you could see at the top how many items to match were left. I have to move my left hand off the tablet to see how many moves are remaining. In the next update it would be great if the player had the option for the tools to show on the sides or at the top.
    I second this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brauchtj View Post
    I second this!
    More levels please

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    So got 15 new levels today.... beat those now back to keys to open chests.....MORE LEVELS PLEASE!

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    This game keeps crashing on me resulting in loss of boosters. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars because of the way this game is set up to suck you in. I have all the required systems. I am so angry to the point of reporting this game to authorities. Bad enough having to pay to advance in this game but when the game steals from the players that is unacceptable

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    Hey playrix....any news on when your dropping some new levels??? Preferably more then just 15?

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    So beat today’s 25 new levels and from what I notice every Thursday new levels are coming out....last week was 15 today was 25 but I blasted through them in an hour or so....maybe drop 75-100 per week keep people wanting those stars to continue projects...I know I’m sick of chests and keys but love getting stars feels like more of an accomplishment then the keys and chests. Also the new end for levels is 2601 is where the game is caught up to till next week.

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    Does anyone think the levels are so much harder to beat since the update?

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