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Thread: 24.05 Hooray for the new update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveRaidley View Post
    Does anyone think the levels are so much harder to beat since the update?
    Yes, that's my impression, too. But since there are new events opening every other day I tend to play less and less anyway

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    If you play the game on Facebook, don't you get the updates? I noticed the glove when I installed the game on my phone, but I don't see it when when played through Facebook. I've noticed other updates to appear on Facebook.

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    It's true. I recive less lives from friends afther the last update. And I can send less lives.This is not funny. Is this an playrix action???

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    Yes! I think so, too!

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    I've got less lives from friends and can't send.something is wrong with the game,because many players have this problem. From the developers I've got only an standard answer.Such as :emty the cache, deconnect facebook and than connect again,etc ,ect. Notting happend.They not atmitted that something is wrong with the game.
    All gardenscapes playerslease send a message to playrix and complaine,if you have the same problem.

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    MAJ beaucoup de problèmes

    Bonjour, depuis la mise à jour hier, je ne fais que perdre tout le temps, je ne progresse plus du tout , pour la roue je tombe tous les jours sur les vies, jamais de "jackpot". Je ne paierais pas car c'est perdu aussi d'avance. Le jeu est trop trafiqué

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