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Thread: 23.05 - Interview with Sir Goldflipper

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    I really enjoy this game

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    Thanks Sir Goldflipper. Safe journey.

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    I love to see you do little flips. Are going cozy on my fish bowl? Can I get you anything

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    When our coins fall into our tank after completing a level, do we have to tap on them in order for them to be added to our current coins? Sometimes our friendly penguin gets in the way and I’ve noticed that there is a discrepancy with what I’ve earned and the new total if I miss out on tapping on them all. Also he won’t get out of the way so I can place new items I’ve bought. Makes me want to go sloppy all over his happy face 🙃😂

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    We have notice that some friends get to a level of the fishdom game then they stop playing the game their fish tank is empty so you can't get coins when feeding all your friends fish. Looks like after so many days of not playing the game would delete their game. It would be great if we could earn booster and bombs in special like you do with diamonds and coins

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    It would be great if we could get our diamond's for free that we put in our piggy bank it is ours we earned them why do we have to pay for them ?

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    Yes I agree I just get so upset sometimes I try to make my aquarium so cute and pretty :eek

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    You didn't EARN the diamonds in the fish bank. They were, in effect, a gift to you from Fishdom. If you want to unwrap the gift, you pay money. When you completed levels before the fish bank came along, you only got a couple of diamonds a week in addition to the coins. And you still do.

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    I really like this game. It help keep my memory going. And I just love the fish tank. Love this game.

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    I’m stuck on level 178

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