Howdy, Fishdomers! We’re continuing the series of interviews with the characters of the game! And our today’s guest is one of the most famous pearl collectors Sir Goldflipper! Enjoy

It is such a pleasure to finally meet you, Sir Goldflipper! Thanks for finding some time for our interview! We’ve received a lot of interesting questions from our players!
Nice to meet you too! It’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge about pearl collecting with such a large audience. I have so many stories to tell!

We can’t wait to hear them! Our first question is: Where does your profound interest in pearls come from?
My passion for pearls goes all the way back to my ancestors. My family has been collecting pearls for centuries, and I’m extremely proud to follow in that tradition!

And where do you hide your pearls? Do have a special place where you keep your collection?
Well, I used to keep my most precious pearls in the Pirate aquarium, under the sunken ship. But one day, they all disappeared, so I had to change my hiding place. Have I told you this story?

No, but we’d love to hear it! How did you cope with such a loss?
Oh, everything was okay in the end! It was right after Captain Swift — who is now one of my best friends — arrived in Fishdom. A born pirate, he was looking for some treasure to plunder, and, of course, he found my shining pearls! I was heartbroken.
Believe it or not, it turns out he didn't realize those pearls belonged to me! After talking it all through, we managed to settle everything. He turned out to be a real gentleman, and I even gave him one of my wondrous, black pearls!

How generous of you! Maybe you could give us a little hint where your pearls are now? Rumor has it that you exchange them for gold!
Oh, no, I would never do such a thing! Pearls are the greatest treasure in the whole world — why would anyone want to trade them? I’m proud to say that I inherited my family’s pearl museum. It was founded by my great-grandfather and still showcases the most beautiful exhibits from around the world. That’s where all of my pearls go!

And where are your best pearls from? What country, in your opinion, has the most beautiful and valuable pearls?
Oh, I really like the ones that I find along the coast of Australia — they’re golden-white, and perfectly round! But the ones I treasure the most are the pearls from Fishdom. Once, I got a jellyfish-shaped pearl, which is now the centerpiece of my collection!

Wow, that one must be very rare! Are there any secrets to finding pearls? I am sure our readers would be thrilled to hear some professional advice!
I guess what helps me is my extensive experience as a collector. I must have also inherited a sixth sense for finding them! But I do have one secret I can share: Whenever you come across a level with lots of pearls, try to collect as many power-ups as possible! With their help, you can get a lot more pearls in one go! It’s also important to cast a wide net — that’s why I always search in different aquariums.

And how do you manage to move between aquariums so quickly? Do you use secret passages? Some of our readers have even mentioned that they can’t decorate their aquariums while you’re swimming around.
Oh, I had no idea that my presence interfered with redesigning aquariums… I’m very sorry — I’ll try to be less of a nuisance from now on!
As for moving between aquariums, there are no secrets at all. I’ve just traveled so much in my lifetime that I now know all the shortcuts!

Do you have a fish friend in every aquarium? How do you all get along?
Oh, all the fish seem to like me! They listen to my stories with such interest at any rate! My favorite fish is Doris the pearl gourami. Doris and I have so much in common — she even did a photo shoot at my museum! Can you believe that she loves pearls just as much as I do? It’s really wonderful!

She must be your best friend! And what about family? Do you have a family of your own?
I’m definitely planning on settling down eventually. After all, I should pass the pearl collection on to someone. But for now, I’m focused on my work at the museum and in the Fishdom tournaments.

What do you do in your spare time? Where do you go once the Pearl Rush tournament is over?
Right after the end of the tournament, I go to my home in Northern England. There, I count and polish my pearls, attend tea parties with my fellow collector friends, discuss the latest trends in pearl design, watch my Federico Dolphini movie collection, listen to my favorite records, and read books about Captain Swift’s adventures... Home, sweet home!

You have very exquisite taste in everything! Our readers really admire your personal style! How do you always manage to look so stylish?
I’m inspired by the 19th century — I even have a collection of top hats at home! I have hats for every occasion: a casual hat, a fancy hat for tournaments, a hat for tea parties with the Queen of England... I haven’t used the last one yet though. The Queen and I can’t seem to find time for each other in our schedules!

Impressive! I hope it finally works out for you two. Thank you for answering our questions! It was a pleasure to talk to you!
Thank you for your warm welcome! You should definitely come and visit my museum sometime! Bye-bye, everyone!