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Thread: What’s Your Favorite Factory and Why?

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    Music factory has become my new favorite - simply because those accordions are giving me a good amount of coins

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    Thanks to everyone who has responded so far! I swear I have not forgotten about this thread (just got super busy)...I'm enjoying everyone's opinions. I will post my favorite/least favorite soon!

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    I like the coffee factory because you only need 5 different ingredients for all products and I find plenty of coffee beans and cacao in the market. My sugar factory and dairy factory are upgraded to 50% less time, so no problem there either. The products are fast to make and sell for a lot of coins and hearts. My teammate and I are competing who can produce more espressos. And a lot of players seem to dislike the factory so that there are a lot of plane crates giving clovers and a nice profit.

    I don‘t have a particular factory I dislike, rather some products like tacos and jelly sandwiches because I never have all ingredients ready at the same time.

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    Favorite: Beverage Factory
    Least Favorite: Any factory that take ore to make products. I'm still working on my upgrades and really don't like using my ore for products.

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    I think my favorite factory has become the jam factory, weirdly enough. Like Downton said, it's great for clearing a bunch of space in the barn quickly. I also find that the products are in high demand, so it's nice to be able to stock up. The only downside is that the jams take long to make, but I'm fixing that with upgrades. My second fave would have to be snack factory (as others have said)... The products are easy to make, don't take much time, and are in high demand (I've had to have popcorn running almost continuously this past week!).

    My least favorite factory is by far the candy factory. The products start with a very high production time (2 hours for the jelly beans) and only get worse from there (5 hours for a lollipop ). Ridiculous lol. I barely use it, but when I do, it's always the one thing holding up a train or helicopter order. Blegh, hate it lol. My second least fave would also be the bakery. Way too many products, but also in high demand, so it's hard to keep stocked and many of them take a large number of eggs and such.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnolia Township View Post
    My favorite is the beverage factory because the shelves look really appealing lol...
    Least favorite is rubber because the plants take forever and, even with help from the market, i always run out. Products are used up in other factories as fast as i can churn them out!
    Haha, this is so true, but for some reason, I just love the look of the roll of rubber and the colorful stack of plastic. That keeps me from hating it. It's the little things...

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    My favorite factory is the Asian factory. The cocoanut soup brings me lots of $$$ and I always have at least 20 cocoanuts soups to help others. My least favorite is the hot dog. For the same reason others have explained. I only have one pig farm and don't see a need for another but the hot dog factory just makes me gag a little. When I was pregnant I CRAVED hot dogs and now I don't want to eat or see another hot dog ever, lol. That was over 35 years ago btw.

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    My favorite factory is my coffee factory. I'm a coffee fiend, so that's not surprising. I use this factory a lot, too, for helicopter orders. I also love my beverage factory, and I use that one a lot, too.

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