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Thread: What’s Your Favorite Factory and Why?

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    What’s Your Favorite Factory and Why?

    Silly question, I know, but some recent discussions about whether or not you “need” to buy certain factories made me think about what I value from some of them...

    So what’s your favorite factory and why? I’m happy to entertain serious, evidence backed answers as well as silly, comedic answers.

    Bonus points: What’s your least favorite factory, and why?... and try to be original, no “jewelry store” cop out responses ;D

    I will provide my answer shortly. Need some time to think it through...

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    I think i deleted my post by mistake ,i just wanted to add to it not delete it!
    I will write it again lol.
    My favourite factory is the jam factory because I'm always struggling for barn space & jam factory is great for using up lots of fruit I would love to keep but don't have room for.
    My least favourite factory is that the hotdog factory.I hate making stuff with bacon. ( I don't know why but seems such an effort lol).
    I wanted to add I love the bubbling fruit on the outside of the jam factory when you're using it as well.
    Yes small things make me 😁

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    I like the shoe factory most of all. For some reason I can keep up with shoes.
    My least favorite is the pastry. Too many products and can't keep up with them.

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    My favourites are the restaurants- they are both well designed, products made sell at a decent price and I like the activity around the Mexican one. They just fit in well to the town. I also like the jam one, it colourful, looks good and products sell for good £££.

    Some of the others are rather ugly and industrial looking - the most displeasing for me is the furniture factory, that big chair on top sticking out, No thanks!! The sweet factory I find is a bit of a drain on resources so not a particular favourite of mine xx

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    The factories are insanely expensive. I haven't bought one in months, just can't seem to get enough coins for the Down Feather, that's my next one. Barn space is my main challenge with this game. I end up buying expansions, upgrading things I could wait on just to get rid of materials and free up space. That depletes my coins tremendously, lol.
    So, with that said, if I had to pick a favorite factory, it would be the Dairy Factory. Milk is easy and always available so at least it's always a factory that's working hard and not sitting idle. Besides I like cheese, cheese belongs on everything IMO.

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    For very random, non game related reason, my two favorite factories are:
    Pastry, because I love baking and would want to work there
    Dairy, because it's such a cool building that I would want to turn into a home, it would be a really neat reno.

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    Johnalex Zarco
    My favorite factory...Im gonna have to say its a tie between the ice cream and bakery. I dont really have a favorite or least favorite.

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    I actually pass a sugar factory IRL on a semi-frequent basis.
    The smell of all that sugar being... refined(?) is amazing!

    Until you get further round to the part of the factory where there’s some other part of the process happening, and it smells rather like regurgitated cat food.
    And this is why the sugar factory is not my favourite.

    I’d probably have to go with the snack factory. I think it looks great. Nice and humble, no ridiculously ostentatious decor, and the products are all easy to make.
    It probably ties with jam, but since it’s already been mentioned and for the same reasons, I figured I’d stick with snack.
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    I guess I will vote for the textile factory. Not too many items to make, nothing takes too long, and it always has something new for the events. My second favorite is the bakeware factory. I always have clay, so it's easy to make items there.

    My least favorite is the hot dog factory! I never have enough bacon so I rarely use that factory. Same thing with the down factory, my ducks don't like me and using bread or bagels at 1 or 2 feathers at a time just is not my cup of tea.

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    My favorite is the beverage factory because the shelves look really appealing lol...
    Least favorite is rubber because the plants take forever and, even with help from the market, i always run out. Products are used up in other factories as fast as i can churn them out!

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