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Thread: New Interseasonal Regatta: General Opinions (Merged Thread)

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    You miss the point entirely. If I don’t help I’ll disappoint my team. I let them know I was too busy to compete this week. Playrix has taken away my choice. The company is using guilt and peer pressure to keep us in.

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    We totally empathize with being flummoxed by the change.

    But please be sure to read the information we have so far about the interseasonal regatta.

    Seasonal regattas are remaining exactly the same as always. It is only interseasonal weeks that have a new format.

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    The new regatta... Is it still a regatta?

    Hello townies,
    I'm curious to know what people think about the 'new' regatta. Personally I don't think it is really a regatta as such anymore, you're really just playing for the prizes and a bit of an added challenge during play time. I used to enjoy watching the race progress against other Co-ops, now it's just one solitary boat. I can't call that a race, definitely not a regatta.

    Hey I understand that Playrix probably needed to come up with something fairer for all players and get the Co-ops to work with each other, but boo-hoo, I miss the Race. The global thing? We were already doing that anyway and I never really paid too much attention to it, it was the Race that counted.

    Maybe it should be called something else now, not a regatta.

    Just my thoughts

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    Inter-Seasonal Regatta a Joke

    Your devs need to correct this regatta or dump it, it's terrible. No one can task if all are taken, and once someone is done and the others in that group are not, you have to wait for them too. Nothing else appears for us to do... So why even bother with this type of regatta??? People like us put money into their gaming to get enjoyment out of it, but this ruins it for many! Your devs need to fix this asap and compensate your players when there are issues. It gets old and sad

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    This weeks regatta

    I and my fellow co-op members are very unhappy with this weeks regatta! Is anyone else as unhappy with it?

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    William Shannon
    Yes. I think it’s terrible.

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    I actually love it and find it a relaxing change from this same thing week after week.

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    I know it’s inter seasonal, but they could have come up with something better than this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimee C. View Post
    I and my fellow co-op members are very unhappy with this weeks regatta! Is anyone else as unhappy with it?
    Which parts are you unhappy about? I found it a bit confusing at first, since it's the first day, but I like it.

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    Well it's only for the one week between seasons so think of it as taking your boat out for practice

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