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Thread: New Interseasonal Regatta: General Opinions (Merged Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    I LOVE the new format! Really pleasant break for a week. The regular regatta has become such a drag with its derth of 135 point tasks. I came in first last week and my prizes were ingots (sweet), zoo clippers (worthless), and particle board (beyond worthless to me). And 50 tokens (also worthless as I am maxed out on tokens and need/want nothing from the yacht club). Really lousy prizes for a first place finish.

    My five chests were also full of worthless junk. I am a solo racer so am limited to only five chests.

    This week I can expend as much or as little energy as I please. I was able to reach all of my coop goals and my prizes were awesome! Barn tools, gems, money, booster. I can earn all 9 chests available if I want to do 27 tasks. I can choose what level of chest i want to earn. Love it.

    So just for the record -- as a solo racer I really like this format. And since it is only once every five weeks I'm hoping this format will stick around for awhile.
    RIGHT ON LOVE THE NEW FORMAT I never play off season but this week has been a lot of fun. Our group of five players have been together for over two years have so much fun with these ladies. We have one player that does not do the regatta's any longer we get a good morning goodnight from her and she often will make comments on our off the game conversations. This week I noticed she had trains setting in the station being loaded I told her she could take a train task to help another player she did and now she has sent out ships in two chests and working on another train. Everyone has enjoyed her back in the fold.

    I ended up finishing all nine chest within 24 hrs by two on my own [did the 3 tasks] and the rest by taking one tasks and helping others finish up the chests. Now I am sending trains and plains [which I would normally do during the game] this week it helps other team members finish up a chest. WIN WIN

    Had one member out for the first two days she asked now that we got the coop goal do we keep playing. Told her only if she wanted the 9 chest at the end

    I wish we had a choice of the regular regatta or this. Its so much fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkship View Post
    But the problem isn't completed tasks taking up space, it's IN PROGRESS tasks taking up space and being dumped. This encourages sabotage, and stifles cooperation in larger coops.

    I know what you mean about sabotage being a possibility. This system basically means one bad coop co-leader/leader can do the rest some damage. People like that need to get demoted or kicked out if they’re doing it deliberately, imo. But it’s early days yet, so it might be something that happens less often once teams get a system in place for knowing who is still doing personals and who isn’t (and everyone comes to realise why it makes a difference) because if they’re able to dump more ‘harmless’ chests, then the motive for sabotage is lessened because slots are empty sooner.

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    Yes, once we realised that we didn't have to wait for everyone to complete their 9 chests, we've been doing quick/easy tasks in wood and iron chests, then dumping them, so for us dumping partly completed chests has helped free up the board.

    We've had a couple of hiccups along the way, but at least we now get notified of who dumped the chest, so it shouldn't be malicious, and if it is, should be easily dealt with.

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    Oh yeah.. forgot about the notification, doh!

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    I don't know that I completely understand the reward system....Will find out eventually but I have to say I am glad for the interseasonal be something different. The way it is set up, I can take a breather from racing this week or try the tasks at my own pace with no penalty. It shakes things up a little.😁

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    Our Co-op loves this, once we figured out how it works. It is fun for the people who like to help out. We don't have to worry about taking non-135s by mistake. We're not stressed to see a foreign team pulling ridiculously ahead of us. It is a nice change and we are all having a riot with it. I've already done 27 tasks this week. We have people that like to do trains, some prefer planes, others love crops and factories. It is perfect for our coop.

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    I don't like the new chests with 3 tasks. It'd be great if one player could work on all 3 tasks at once. This has been a headache for my very small co-op.... Especially me, their mayor 😞

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dowdmaureen View Post
    I don't like the new chests with 3 tasks. It'd be great if one player could work on all 3 tasks at once. This has been a headache for my very small co-op.... Especially me, their mayor ������
    You know that you do not have to do the entire chest yourself, right? You can be working on task 1, your teammate can work on task 2, and another teammate can work on task 3 all at the same time. All three of you will earn a reward for the chest once you all complete the tasks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niffelgarden View Post
    I completed a task on a precious chest and a teammate that had taken another task from the same chest wasn't able to complete it. Now I have a red "x" mark on the chest and my chest count went down from 3/9 to 2/9 - I'm assuming this means I won't get the rewards for this chest now? After I put in the resources to complete my task? That really sucks and is totally unfair - I shouldn't get rewards taken away for a task that took over half a day to finish. This is so frustrating and I am really starting to hate this inter-seasonal regatta. Absolutely miserable and completely unfun
    Sounds like you should look for a coop with better teammates.

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    The only hiccup with this new format is members taking tasks and allowing them to time out unfortunately leaving those who finished tasks in that chest without that chest for their personal goal. Admittedly it's frustrating to see a days work and resources disappear, possibly not obtaining all 9 chest or what ever your personal goal was because of this, to me worse than the wall of grey really. I really like this new way for interseasonal maybe they can tweak the pitfalls.

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