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Thread: Interseasonal Regatta: Questions/Answers/Opinions

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    My town is freezing when I enter the task area where it gives instructions, my town freezes. I tried updating & uninstalling & reinstalling but still freezes. Anyone else have this problem? I can't complete in the Interseasonal tasks. Help please!!

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    It’s really frustrating waiting for a task to open up. Some people on my team aren’t on a lot, so their tasks just sit there.

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    The game automatically opts you in to the interseasonal regatta you can’t opt out. My regatta box is still unticked. But as I don’t intend to do any tasks I don’t think I should receive any rewards at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmo View Post
    But as I don’t intend to do any tasks I don’t think I should receive any rewards at all.
    I think this is what's concerning to some people, that you get rewards without doing anything. But don't worry, the people doing the tasks will get co-op rewards AND personal rewards! Like me, they probably just enjoy doing the tasks too. So if you don't want to do tasks this week, don't.

    Enjoy your stress free week!

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    I’d like to help out Nevada where I can, since I contributed to the manual being shared here. Forgive me if I repeat something

    Quote Originally Posted by kitty4715 View Post
    Thanks Nevada!

    I just posted this in the other thread - Hope you don't mind the re-post:

    The only thing I haven't seen clarified is whether your Racing status (set to participate in regatta as racing or opted out as not racing) makes any difference. Can a non-racing member participate? Does a non-racing person have to change their status to racing to participate? How is the team goal determined? It says a team of 30 needs to do 428 tasks to reach the final team goal...I assume that smaller teams have to do less, so how does the system determine that number? What happens if someone new joins your team mid-week...will the team goal numbers increase? If there are 30 people in the co-op and 6 of them are set to non-racing and aren't active in the game anymore or want to take a complete vacation from tasks this week, would the final team goal still be 428 tasks?
    Racing status doesn’t make any difference for interseasonal regatta now. If you check the additional setting now, it says there “take part in seasonal regatta”. Doesn’t affect non seasonal, so non racing members can participate too.
    From what I see shared, the number of tasks for the coop goal is being determined at the start of the week. So, say, if you had 10 members in the coop st the start, you will get the smaller amount for 10 members. If anyone joins you midweek, this number is not going to change. Likewise, if half of your team leaves all of the sudden, you will get stuck with same amount of tasks.

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    I’m in a zone of perpetual guilt too.. like, if I take a great precious chest task for max reward, then am I too greedy? But if I don’t, the board sits all jammed up and others might feel pressured to take it when they’d prefer something easier during the off week. I just don’t know!

    Decided in the absence of knowing better just to bust it to my personal goal of 9 good ones as fast as I can, then spend the week mopping up the obviously unwanted ones for max coop rewards. Dumping on everyone else’s behalf is a whole other guilt-fest, hahaha!

    It’ll be fine. We all just need a big deep breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K8y View Post
    More information on dumping would be useful please.
    Does dumping one task from a chest remove that task from the total number allowed?
    Does dumping a whole chest take away from the total tasks possible?
    Does dumping a chest after a task has been completed delete that tasks points?
    How quickly do we get new tasks after completing a chest or dumping one?
    Dumping one task from a chest will make it available for someone else to take and won’t affect total number allowed. Which is unlimited by the way. You can do as many tasks as you like. But you only will get 9 chest that got completed first, as your personal rewards
    Dumping the whole chest doesn’t take away anything. You will just need to work on extra chest to get all rewards
    Dumping a chest after a task has been completed doesn’t delete that task point. Completed tasks remain on your task count even if the chest is dumped.
    New chest appears after 1 hours or takes 6 tcash to refresh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will9455Nikki View Post
    Hi everyone.

    Been away from here for a while, but wanted to post a question....

    Any idea if we will be getting a stats page for the Interseasonal Regattas (presuming this format stays in place for a while).

    Stats that would be beneficial would be the ability to see where your co-op members are at in terms of chests completed, chests dumped and individual tasks completed (regardless of the number of personal chests done).

    I know this might should be in the Wish List, but didn't know if there were any updates that might have been mentioned already.

    I mentioned that as part of my feedback for Playrix after beta testing the new rules. I don’t see it implemented now that it has gone live, so I don’t think it is possible or Playrix thinks it is irrelevant probably. So what we are doing in our coop, we write a number near our town name that indicates how many chests/rewards we earned so far to help keep track

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    I have a board that is nothing but gray chests and no tasks available... waiting for others to complete their tasks. Why can’t the chests disappear once all three tasks r taken instead of having to wait for them to be completed. Very frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    Let's try a picture example.

    The coloured dots: each colour is one person (blue, green, red, and yellow).
    Each dot is a completed task.

    So blue, has done 5 tasks, and will receive 4 chests.
    Green, 6 tasks, 4 chests.
    Red, 6 tasks, 4 chests.
    Yellow, 1 task, 1 chest.

    Attachment 27081
    So if you do one task in 9 different chests you are finish with your max of 9 chest.
    You can better do all 3 tasks in 9 chests is 27 tasks when I read this. Right?

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