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    Guys, firstly, thank you for producing such an awesome game. Miles ahead of anything else I’ve played. One small suggestion, would it be possible to review the placement of your “play on” or “continue” tab as when it appears centrally on screen, you can no longer see the game level so you can’t assess possibilities to finish the level, this is the reason that I personally don’t often continue a level and I’m sure others would continue (and use more diamonds) to do so if the screen was visible to make the decision. Again, well done, this is my favourite game of all time. Super.

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    That is annoying. If I am keeping track of my turns that are left, I do a quick screen shot just as the final set up is made and then sneak over to look at it. But I agree, these things would be much more helpful.

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    Players have asked Fishdom developers to do this on numerous occasions, but so far nothing has been done. I find it very annoying too.

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