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Thread: Regatta Tips

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    Regatta Tips

    Hello. I read through the tips post a few times and didn’t see a lot of tips of doing tasks in regattas. Unless I missed it. Not trying to break any forum rules, just curious to know what people’s responses are to the following questions:

    1) Which tasks are your favorite to do and why?
    2) How do you prepare for regattas?
    3) Do you only do 135 tasks in your co op or do you have a minimum for tasks?
    4) How quickly do you finish 15-16 tasks?
    5) Do you always buy the extra task?
    6) Does your co op reserve?
    7) Do you dump long tasks in your co op? Which ones?
    8) Any other tips on finishing tasks quickly?

    My responses:
    1) My favorite are crops like trees. This way I can step away form the game awhile but still check back in lol. I used to like the hot products in the old zoo. Nobody seemed to like those tasks much in my co op lol.
    2) Mining supplies, try and have a few ingots made in advance in case that task comes around, ususally send or either fish or banana boats.
    3) We have a minimum of 130 in our group. Unless HOL then it’s usually 125.
    4) My goal is to finish by friday at bedtime.
    5) most of the time yes, sometimes no lol.
    6) We reserve tasks that are long crop, boat, production
    7) We usually leave some up a bit to see if someone will grab, if not we dump (like silk)
    8) Not that I can think of lol.

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    How do you ever advance in the Regatta if your group is only offered 135 point value tasks on occasion? There are 2 of us competing against groups of 4 also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen2292 View Post
    How do you ever advance in the Regatta if your group is only offered 135 point value tasks on occasion? There are 2 of us competing against groups of 4 also.
    Well, most "135 only" teams discard (dump) all other tasks from the task board and then wait. Of course if you don't want to wait you can always spend T-Cash to refresh the slots faster. Some teams to that too. In some earlier version of your note you were also concerned with being penalized for dumping tasks but your race score, the sum total of the task point values done by your team, is not affected by discarding / dumping tasks from the task board. However, if you cancel / dump a task after you've "Started" it you will score 0 for that task and it will count against the total number of tasks you can do, so yes, cancelling has a "penalty" in that regard. Always dump using the "Blue Trashcan Icon", never the "Red Trashcan Icon".

    As for the teams you are competing against, you really need to look at the "racing status" of their members too. If you have two on your team, both racing and your competitors have four on their team you can be assured that only two of them are racing, the other two are "opted out" of the current regatta. You can tell who is who by looking at the team roster, those with a "ship's steering wheel" icon after their team name are "racing".

    Yes, there can be a slight advantage to having a larger team even if the number of racers is the same, there are more people able to fill help requests for those who are racing. But that is a slight advantage.

    With a small team, speed and skill will allow you to advance.

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    I have dumped numerous tasks in the past only to get another low point task. A long time ago this was not the case. I also have over 600 baskets in my market, only to find a lot of the time the 2 things I need aren’t there. This game used to be fun and I’ve spent a LOT of money playing. Now I feel the odds are stacked against me because they know I’ll spend money.

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